How To Lift Your Mood In 24 Hours

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Want to lift your mood pretty much instantly? Here’s how to completely turn things around in less than 24 hours.

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It sucks when you get stuck in a funk. We’ve all been there. That miserable woe-is-me mood that we just can’t shake.

That great day you wanted to have? Gone. All those things you wanted to get done? Forgotten.

When you’re feeling down, deflated, and all-around rubbish, you just don’t want to do anything at all. And it can be hard when you’re facing a to-do list and you have responsibilities.

Not only that, but it’s just not okay. We all deserve to be happy and to enjoy good mental health levels. We shouldn’t just accept these occasional (or frequent) bad days as normal. There’s nothing normal about being in a bad place.

Instead, we have to work out what we can do to completely turn it around – and fast!

When you want to lift your mood, you don’t want to wait for that to happen. More often than not, you need it now. You’d kill to instantly feel better and do what it takes.

The good news is, this is possible – and no, I’m not talking about taking medication or anything like that. Because you can totally lift your mood in less than 24 hours in the most natural of ways.

The thing about your mood is that it’s ever-changing and incredibly easy to influence. Just like something can send you into despair in a second, another thing can pull you back out of it.

So now I want to share with you some of my tried and tested ways to lift your mood. They’re not groundbreaking or new, they’re simple but they make things happen! Let’s get to it.

Move Your Body

One of the quickest, most effective ways of lifting your mood? Exercise.

Now don’t roll your eyes at me – I know you want to. It. Works!

A quick run, a walk, some yoga, playing a sport – anything, just do it. Even if you normally hate exercise, thank me later.

Getting your body moving, getting the blood flowing, it all makes such a difference to your mood. You know what Elle Woods said about endorphins, right?

I do this almost every time I feel a little off and it always completely turns the day around for me!

Listen To Music

Music is incredibly uplifting. I listen to it a lot. And if I ever feel in a funk or there’s something I can’t shift, I turn to music.

Different music is thought to affect your moods in different ways. Happy, upbeat music can bring feelings of joy, and rock music can boost energy and mood levels. As rock music is rooted in country and rhythm and blues, the rhythm from this music can help to calm you too. 

Put on an album that you love. Play your favorite songs. Even team music with a walk or run or some kind of physical activity to help you beat the blues and feel good.

This one sounds so easy, but it’s just one of the smallest ways you can make a difference to your mood pretty much instantly.

Be Kind

In service we thrive. We really do. When you do something good for someone else, it makes you feel good.

So rather than spending a lot of time crucifying yourself, feeling miserable, and getting stuck in a negative cycle, break it by being kind.

Lift someone else up instead. Do something kind for a loved one. Smile at a stranger. Do a good deed. It instantly makes you feel so much better.


Sometimes it’s easier to write things down. And there’s something very therapeutic in that. If you have thoughts that are bothering you – or you’re not even sure what is – journal.

Taking a few minutes to sort of hash out what’s going on in your brain can give you so much clarity. It can help you feel like you’re dealing with things or at least thinking them though.

Getting thoughts and worries out of your mind can be freeing. And you often feel like you can move on from that mood when your shut the book. That in itself always makes you feel much better.

Start Cleaning

There’s something so uplifting about being in a neat, clean, tidy environment. It makes you feel calmer and more in control. Gretchen Rubin says it best – outer order leads to inner calm.

And it does! So if you want an instant mood boost, start cleaning. If everything around you is a mess, you’re not going to feel your best.

Even spending five minutes organizing and tidying and cleaning, it can lift your mood and make you feel so much more in control.

Pamper Yourself

Who doesn’t love a good pamper? I’m a huge advocate. Run a bath, do an at-home facial, exfoliate your body. Do whatever makes you feel good.

Spending the evening taking good care of yourself works wonders. At the end of it, you feel amazing! There’s something about feeling good physically that always boosts your mood.

And if you want to go one further, dress up. Wear something that you feel fantastic in. Sport a red lip. Make yourself look good to feel good. Simple but oh so effective!

Avoid The Issue

If there’s something triggering you, walk away from it. This isn’t an avoidance thing and I’m not telling you to act like it’s not happening, but enough is enough.

If you’re scrolling through Instagram and it’s making you feel down, Close. The. App!

If you’re obsessing over thoughts in your head, break the cycle by acknowledging them out loud and physically moving. Go into another room for a moment or go for a walk.

Whatever is causing you to feel down, protect your mental health and distance yourself from it for now. It works.

Wake Up Early

And if you want to keep this going, wake up early tomorrow. It might seem a little urgh right now, but it makes such a difference. There’s something about waking up early that just lifts your mood.

Forget the snooze button, forget rushing around – wake up earlier and slowly set intentions for your day. Enjoying that morning light and planning out your day can completely change your outlook on life itself.

And Then…

There’s so much more that you can do to maintain a healthy, positive mood – but these things take time. For your instant mood-boost, these should be your go-to’s. And if you want to completely turn things around over time, think about your sleep, your stress levels, and your lifestyle overall.

It all makes a massive difference to how we think, feel, and act. If you’d like me to pull together a more in-depth guide on this, just let me know in the comments or send me an email.

Do you struggle with your mood? Have you tried these tips before? Share your go-to ideas with the SOCIÉTÉ community in the comments below.

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