Step Up Your Self Care With This Perfect Pampering Routine

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Done with days indoors and in need of a boost? Bring back your beauty with the perfect pampering routine.

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A little self care goes a long way. And, if we’re entirely honest, nothing beats a good old fashioned pamper night.

It may be impossible to frequent your favourite beauty bars and spas right now, but that doesn’t mean your body has to go without. When you need a little pick me up, let this perfect pampering routine become your go-to.

Work your way through them all or select a few steps to suit your mood. Because nothing says confidence boost like a little buff, puff, or paint.

Soak Up The Self-Care

Start with a trip to the mothership. Any true pamper-pro knows that the best beautification routine begins with a bath. Whether you’re tired and need to relax or you want to wind down with a wine, an indulgent bubble bath is the perfect place to start.

Pop in a sumptuous bath oil like the Molton Brown Mesmerising Oudh Accord & Gold Precious Bathing Oil, lay back, and let the water work its magic. And if you want a two-for-one, pop in a nourishing hair mask while you soak.

Enjoy An At Home Facial

Next, it’s time to sex-up your skin. Either in the tub or after you’re out, carry out the perfect at-home facial. When the steam from your soak has opened up your pores, pick your poison and get to work.

Start with a light cleanse. Then, opt for your favourite skincare products or give a homemade concoction a go. A powerful mask will reset your skin and give it the TLC it needs right now. Follow up with a serum and night cream to help the mask work harder.

Get In Shape

This is often an optional extra, but an absolute must right now. Because your brows are likely to be a tiny bit out of control. But, needs must. So when your facial is finished and you’re out of tub, shape away. Whether you wax or pluck, tame those beauties and brush into place.

If you’re a seasoned tinter, try it at home. A trusty brown tinting kit, like the Eylure Dybrow, is easy to use and works a treat. For an ounce of definition, just a few minutes can make you feel a million dollars.

Buff Up

A soak might be sensational and a facial a treat, but if there’s a certain step that makes you feel magical, it’s this. Feeling silky smooth from head to toe is the result you never knew you needed. Yet, it works. A simple exfoliation slash hair removal moment is the ultimate quick-fix confidence booster.

So, when you’re in the tub or as soon as you’re out, shave or wax away. And don’t forget to exfoliate first with something sugary, like the NEOM Great Day Body Scrub, to really buff up. Finish with a thick, luxurious body moisturiser for body soft skin.

Tan Up

Missing out on the Maldives or itching to hit Ibiza? A natural tan might be out of the question right now, but a golden glow is easy to achieve. With a classic tanning product, like the St Tropez Bronzing Mousse, go to sleep one shade and wake up another.

The perfect pampering routine should always leave you feeling fabulous, and while feeling tacky with tan isn’t always enjoyable, waking up with a glow is always worth it. Simply wash off in the morning and you’re good to go.

Master The Mani-Pedi

What better way could there be for you to wait for your tan to take than with a mani-pedi? Nail bars might be a no-go, but your at-home salon is open for service. If you’re the proud owner of a gel kit and light combo, go to town on your toes and opt for a mani to match.

But, if you’re sans said set, a simple long-lasting nail polish like the Essie Longwear Collection works a charm. Within minutes, you’ll have a fresh set of acrylic-less nails and your perfect pampering routine is complete.

Are you a huge at home pamper fan? What’s your go-to routine? Share your most loved self-care routine with the SOCIÉTÉ community in the comments below.

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