5 Ways To Instantly Feel Better About Yourself

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Done dealing with mood swings? Shake off the stress, anxiety, or anger with one of three simple ways to instantly feel better about yourself.

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We don’t always feel good. Some days, we wake up on cloud nine – but they can be few and far between. Hormones, work, family life, and anxieties can all play a part in getting you down. It’s only natural to feel blue every now and again. And luckily for us all, it’s just as easy to feel better about yourself.

But the problem begins when you let the negativity stick around. Anger, stress, worry, sadness – we all feel a mix of them all at some point or another. Yet, when you know the reason behind the blues is superficial, it’s better to shake them off than let them stay.

And you can do exactly that. Even when a colleague causes conflict, your partner has pushed your buttons, your kids are driving your crazy, or you’re feeling anxious about something, in particular, you can instantly feel good again. These five ways will help you.

Let The Music Lift You

The ultimate mood booster? Music! It always works. After an argument or being stuck in a stressful situation, turn on your favourite tunes. Something upbeat and fun that’ll shake the blues away.

Press play and let yourself dance around the kitchen, kicking off the angst as you go. Turn up the volume in your car and sing along like you’re Celine Dion. Or, if you’re around others, simply pop in some headphones and let the songs serenade you back to bliss.

Try it and see just how quickly a feel-good anthem can perk you up.

Feel Closer To Nature

It’s not always that easy to shake off your mindset when you’re in a bad mood. Sometimes, it’s all too easy to just take it with you and go through the day in a dark cloud. And sometimes, that can be because you’re in the exact same place. But changing the pace can help that.

Nature is incredibly powerful. There’s this thing about being outside, breathing in fresh air, and feeling the sun or wind on your skin that is instantly uplifting. So if you’re struggling to get away from your bad mood, get outside and let nature calm you back down again.

Spend Time In The Company Of Others

Sitting and stewing in your bad mood is never the answer. Whether you want to feel better about yourself, you need to socialise. Being around others is always good for your mood – it’s proven. Catching up with your girlfriends or having fun with your family can lift your spirits in seconds.

Better yet, have a go-to group that will always boost your mood. Send an emergency meeting message and get the girls together to talk it out or go for dinner. Even if you can’t do it right away, it’s good to have plans to look forward to. You’ll soon forget what all the fuss was over!

Elevate Your Energy With Endorphins

We all know that exercise releases endorphins, yet the last thing you might want to do when you’re feeling blue is workout. But, do it – you will not regret it! When you start to move more, you get an instant energy boost. Sweating off the stress is so much easier than sinking in it.

And it doesn’t have to be a big session either. Sure, a five-mile run will make you feel a million dollars, but so will something less intense. Even a few jumping jacks, a sun salutation, or playing a sport can work a treat. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but you’ll have more energy, gain mental clarity, and have positivity in abundance.

Change The Scenery

One of the best things you can do is physically remove yourself from the situation that you’re currently in. Sometimes, if you’re sat at your desk or you’re wallowing in bed, you may struggle to shake off the mood in that exact moment. But, simply taking yourself away from where you are now and moving into a fresh space can help.

So, where you can, change the scenery. Get up and go out. Take yourself for lunch or go for that walk. If you’re at work, get up and go for a walk or spend your lunchtime somewhere else. Just do what you can to move away from the physical space you’re in. It’s much easier to take on a positive mindset when you move away from where the negative one began.

Do you have any tips for shaking off the blues? What are your go-to’s for an energy boost when you’re feeling off? Share your tips with the SOCIÉTÉ community in the comments below.

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