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Societemag.com is not just a platform; it's a vibrant community built by women for women. Our dedicated team of writers hails from diverse backgrounds, representing various walks of life. At Societemag, we pride ourselves on fostering inclusivity and empowerment for all women, including those from ethnic minorities and those with disabilities.

We believe in the power of storytelling and the importance of amplifying voices that are often marginalized or overlooked. Through our articles, essays, and features, we strive to create a space where women can share their experiences, insights, and expertise authentically and without inhibition.

Our platform celebrates womanhood in all its forms – from personal achievements to societal challenges, from cultural diversity to individual resilience. We are committed to promoting dialogue, understanding, and solidarity among women worldwide.

Whether you're looking for inspiration, information, or a sense of community, Societemag.com is here to support and uplift you. Join us on this journey of empowerment, enlightenment, and sisterhood. Together, we can rewrite the narrative and create a more inclusive and equitable world for all women.

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Nina Roman

Nina Roman is a visionary editor with a passion for storytelling and a keen eye for uncovering the pulse of contemporary culture. As the Editor-in-Chief of http://Societemag.com, she leads a dynamic team in curating compelling content that explores the intersection of society, lifestyle, and innovation.

With a background in digital media, Nina brings a wealth of experience to her role. Her career journey has seen her navigate through various facets of the media landscape. Crafting engaging narratives that captivate audiences across digital platforms.

Nina's commitment to excellence and her dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive editorial environment have been instrumental in shaping Societemag. Under her leadership, the publication has evolved into a trusted source for thought-provoking commentary, insightful interviews, and cutting-edge features that reflect the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary society.

Julie Keating

Julie Keating is a professional writer with plenty of real-life subject matter. Her first memoir Notes From a BlackBerry is set to release in early 2024, with the continuation From BlackBerries to Thorns, following quickly on its heels. Julie is the mother to six wonderful children who keep her entertained, loved, and busy. After being widowed early in life, and caregiving her special needs daughter, her passion rests in helping to make peoples’ load lighter by finding laughter sometimes in the most unfunny of times and the courage to keep going. Nothing lasts forever, good or bad – sometimes you just have to hang on and see it through.

Taylor Bushy

Taylor Bushey is a freelance writer based in London, UK. She covers topics including career, finance, home, wellness, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. When she's not writing away at her local coffee shop, she's thrifting for the latest rare find or planning out her next travel itinerary.

Sabrina Bachert

Sabrina Bachert is a freelance writer, bookworm, and barista based in Colorado, USA. Her work has appeared at the Kickass Film Fest and in The Pylon Journal. Sabrina has a background in mental health counseling and loves to consider psychological concepts in her work. Outside of article writing, she is an avid creator of fantasy and romance. Get in touch with her on Instagram @themightybean. 

Molly Higgs

Molly Higgs is a freelance writer and storyteller based between the UK and South East Asia. As a digital nomad, much of her work encompasses travel, culture, and the experiences of women across the world. Though she moves from place to place, her writing stays grounded in life's everyday pleasures.

Valerie Sands

Valerie Sands is a professional copywriter and photographer with more than 15 years of experience in making stuff look good. She produces creative and engaging content for magazines, corporations, and individuals. When she’s not behind a keyboard or camera, she can be found advocating for civil rights, doing yoga, or eating cookies.

Shanice Thompson

Shanice is a passionate writer who enjoys writing about social issues dealing with women’s issues regarding how it affects their daily lives. Her passion comes from the experiences that life has shown her and seeing the world through the eyes of those close to her and abroad, wanting only the best for others. She believes that everyone’s voice has the right ot be heard and seen no matter what their background, all voice are important. To Shanice, equality is not a dream but, a constant reality to strive for.

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