6 Simple Habits of Healthy Women

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When you want to get in shape, habits help. Attempting to change your lifestyle can seem like a challenge, but these habits of healthy women make it simple.

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An endless cycle of lethargy is soul-destroying. A healthier, happier you will always have energy, stay positive, and know how to look after herself. But what does it take to unleash her? Habits! And these simple habits of healthy women, to be exact.

Wanting to live well, feel good, and enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle isn’t a crime. Nor should it be a challenge. Sometimes chasing a healthier you feels like it’ll be hard work. But by applying small, effective, and enjoyable changes, it’ll happen.

Habits of Healthy Women

Women that create a lifestyle around routine always stay on track. Women that actively choose to put their health and happiness first feel good most of the time. And women that hold themselves accountable find it easier to keep their health habits in place. So let’s take a look at what they are.

1. Stay Hydrated

Dehydration has such a negative effect on the mind and body. Yet, drinking enough water can feel like the secret to feeling fantastic. It’s simple and considered a cliché, but staying hydrated is an essential habit of healthy women because it works.

When you drink more water, you get an energy boost. Your mind feels clearer, you sleep better, and keep hunger pangs at bay. Plus, you’ll flush more toxins and enjoy a beauty boost with clearer, plumper, more radiant skin too. What’s not to love?

2. Eat Little & Often

Eating less isn’t always the answer. Nor is dieting. One of the habits of healthy women you might be shocked by is that they eat. A lot! No tiny portions or skipped meals here.

Instead, healthy women eat abundantly. Fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats and fatty fish, with a good old helping of whole grains thrown in too. And the best part? They eat often. Think six smaller meals over three big ones.

3. Stretch

When the body is overworked it seizes up. And this doesn’t just happen to the gym bunnies. Everyday strain and movement can pull muscles and cause tension. That builds up over time, and your body starts to suffer. Add exercise on top of that, and a girl can ache!

Enter an effective stretching routine. Flexible muscles are healthy muscles. Not only does the body feel so much better when it’s had a proper stretch, but your limbs will look better too. Just five or ten minutes in the morning or evening could really improve your strength, flexibility, and health overall.

4. Workout Consistently

Any woman in great shape knows exercise is essential. And secretly, you do too. But, the most important of all the habits of healthy women is consistency. You can apply any number of healthy changes to your lifestyle. But if you don’t keep them up, you won't feel the benefit.

This most certainly applies to your workouts. Doing three short, low-intensity workouts a week is over a heavy, hour-long weights session on a Monday and nothing for the rest of the week will always win. The more consistent you are, the quicker you’ll see results. So start small, and build up a consistent routine.

5. Make It Fun

Hate exercise? Bored of salad? Tired of trying to work on your wellness? Then just don’t bother. If you hate your healthy lifestyle, you won’t make it stick. But this habit of healthy women will. Because anything enjoyable is always fun to keep up.

Healthy women don’t live a life of torture. They love what they do. Yes – even exercise. And you should too. Choose a style of workout you actually enjoy. Don’t join a gym because you think you should. Instead, play tennis or take up Pilates. Do what you love. And, apply the same rule to your meals and mental health.

6. Prioritise Balance

Think the habits of healthy women are all hard work? Of course, not. These women know that health is all about wealth – warts and all. A healthy lifestyle is all about balance. Healthy women do the squats and then order dessert. They stay hydrated and enjoy a glass of wine with dinner. They sleep well and workout often, but still make time indulgent meals and carefree travel.

And that’s what a heathy lifestyle is all about. Feeling good, taking better care of your body, and adopting the habits to help you keep it all alive.

What are your go-to’s for staying fit? Do you have any tips for feeling healthy? Share your musts with the SOCIÉTÉ community in the comments below.

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