9 Fabulously Fun At Home Workouts To Boost Your Fitness

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When the gym’s a no-go, find your fitness a little closer to home. These feel-good at home workouts will whip you into shape.

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Stuck inside? Secluded on the sofa? Done with feeling drained? If it’s a yes to all three then it’ll be likely that you need a good old-fashioned dosage of exercise. And while you may not be able to hit the gym or join your favourite Vinyasa class, these at home workouts have got you covered.

Whether you’re a seasoned circuits queen or a fan of fast-paced HIIT, you can still get your fix from the comfort of your living space. So pick your poison and prepare to sweat it out.

The Sweat App’s Workout Plan

Kicking off with a classic in the at home workouts space, there’s SWEAT. If you don’t know who Kayla Itsines is, where have you been for the last decade? Kayla is the Aussie personal trainer behind the program – and a pro at creating workout plans that suit your lifestyle.

Start off with the basics, opt for weighted workouts, or progress through the platform from easy to extreme. Either way, these largely body-weight circuit style HIIT workouts are butt busters that get serious results.

The Sweat App

Barrecore’s Barre Classes

Endlessly invested in the hottest ballet style workout? Aren’t we all! Yet, when the studios are shut, do you really have to go without? Certainly not. Take it from the barre workout pros, Barrecore, and sign up for their online workouts.

Whether you want a quick ten-minute session or a full forty-five-minute full-body blast, Barrecore will put you through your paces – even though you’re at home.

Barrecore's Online Workouts

Cat Meffan’s Yoga Classes

If you’re a yogi that practices at home, you’ve probably got your routines down. But what if you rely on a class to keep you in check? Then Cat Meffan’s got you covered. Cat’s complex collection of workout classes cover everything from beginner practises to intense flows.

Better yet, if you have a back problem you want to work through or tight hips, Cat’s practices are perfect. She offers body part and area-specific sessions to help you loosen up too.

Cat's YouTube Channel

Emily Jackson’s Running Guide

Are you a runner? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to get into running? Then now is certainly the time. You may not have access to a treadmill right now, but the roads are relatively empty – the perfect time to get your run on.

Plus, as at home workouts go, this one is pretty unique. If you want to up your running game and get to half-marathon level, Emily’s guide will hold your hand, show you the way, and make it possible.

Emily's Running Guide

Caro Daur’s No Equipment HIIT Workout

No equipment? No problem! No, seriously – all cliché opening quotes aside, it’s rare that any of us have a step or dumbbells or bands to do any serious at home workouts, right? But that doesn’t mean we can’t get fit and feel the burn.

If you think a bodyweight workout is low intensity or far too easy, you’d be insanely incorrect. Caro’s crazy good workouts are living proof of that. Seriously, give her ab blaster a go and try to tell us otherwise.

Caro's YouTube Channel

Boho Beautiful’s Yoga Retreat

If you’re missing your intense weekly yoga plan, maybe you need something consistent to keep you going? Then you’re going to adore Boho Beautiful’s Yoga Retreat. A seven-day plan packed with digital classes and an accompanying eBook will give you hours of zen, strength, and flexibility for both morning, evening, and a little boost.

And, if you’re not all that fussed about the weekly retreat, find an incredible collection of yoga packages from challenging fourteen-day Transform to the holistic Boho In 10 Days.

The Boho Beautiful Products

Live Fit Girls Pilates

Missing your Pilates? Desperately trying to work on your own practice but desire a little guidance? Deanne’s got you covered. Her Live Fit Girls YouTube channel contains a wealth of mixed-ability Pilates practices.

With a little equipment (or none) and a target area in mind (or several), pick one of Deanne’s killer videos and sweat your stress away in ten, twenty, or thirty minutes.

Deanne's YouTube Channel

The Women’s Health Bodyweight Tabata Workout

Any Tabata lovers know just how incredible this quick, intense yet effective style of workout is. So, if you’re looking for a kind of at home workout that takes just twenty minutes to do, let this be it.

Combining the principles of HIIT and tackling the whole body, committing just a third of an hour in the morning or evening can make you feel fantastic.

Women's Health Website

Alice Liveing’s Home Workouts

Last but not least, if you’re looking for something exciting to shake up your days, you need a mega girlboss to run your at home workouts, right? And that’s exactly what Alice Liveing can do for you.

Through her incredible platform on Instagram, Alice has been uploading a series of bodyweight workouts, stretches, and exercises you can do with any weights you have at home. What more could you want?

Alice's Instagram

Do you love an at home workout? What style of fitness do you prefer? Share your most-adored workouts with the SOCIÉTÉ community in the comments below.

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