10 Powerful Practices To Add To Your Healthy Morning Routine

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Looking to add a little spring to your step? Desperate to feel fantastic and look it too? Adopting a healthy morning routine will give you the energy and outlook you need to prepare for a perfect day.

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Mornings aren’t always magical. When the alarm is pounding, you’re exhausted after a late night, and you’re rushing to get to work, they’re more manic than magic. But they don’t have to be. Those that know the secrets of creating the perfect healthy morning routine will always tell you otherwise.

How you spend the first hour of your morning matters. It will always set the tone for the day ahead. A calm, thoughtful, and positive routine will always beat out mania, panic, and stress. And a healthy morning routine can make it happen.

Some say you’re either a morning person or you’re not. And while that might be the case, it’s never too late to give it a try. Hand-picking the right practices to suit your lifestyle and committing to creating a sacred system works. It’s what the world’s most successful moguls do.

And if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for them. So, let’s take a look at some of the healthy habits you can work into your mornings.

1. Wake Up Early

Every purposeful morning begins before it’s meant to. And that means waking up early. Even just an extra thirty minutes in the morning can allow you to take some quiet time for yourself. Then, you can work through some of the actions coming up next. It can seem hard at first. But an intentional morning beats batting off the alarm every time. After all, when you snooze you lose.

2. Drink Water

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Go to the bathroom, sure. But right after that you probably make a coffee – don’t you? Because nothing beats that caffeine buzz. Well, actually, water does. You might think you need a pick me up first thing, but your body wants water.

You’re dehydrated when you first wake up, so a glass of water or hot water with lemon refreshes the body. It’ll also fight off hunger and detox your system – the perfect way to start the day.

3. Create Order

It’s widely known that outer order creates inner calm. So now, you need to make the bed. It’s a healthy morning routine practice that seems so small but has a big impact. By creating a sense of order and organisation around you, you’ve already got a day of productivity underway. And you’ll be more motivated to take on the next task.

4. Stretch

Do you feel achey when you first wake up? A little zombie-like, even? You’re not the only one. The body can seize up when you sleep – it’s barely moved for eight hours, after all. But a good stretch as soon as you wake up can help. Reaching up to the sky alone can make you feel more alive. And if you have it in you, a quick sun salutation is perfect. You may even find you feel much more confident and ready for the day when you do.

5. Write In Your Journal

If picking up your phone is the first thing you do when you wake up, you’ve made a decision. Consuming information the second you wake up can drain your brain. So leave it alone and pick up your journal instead. Spending a minute or ten writing down a few thoughts or documenting what you’re grateful gives your mind a moment to create, not consume. It’s also a peaceful and uplifting addition to your healthy morning routine.

6. Meditate

If you want to really quiet your mind and begin with inner peace, you need alone time. Meditation is perfect here. Spending a few moments in stillness and silencing your mind is empowering. Using a guided meditation app like Headspace or mindfulness playlist can help.

If meditation has never really been your thing, playing music can have a similar calming effect and put you in a positive mood.

7. Do A Workout

Really want an energy boost? Do a workout. Exercising in the morning has long been raved about by successful entrepreneurs and health experts. Not only is it going to make you feel incredible (no, seriously – just try it), but you’ll burn more calories throughout the day, eat less, and sleep better at night.

Moving more can seem like a chore when you’re not used to it. But even fifteen minutes can be fantastic. Try a quick HIIT workout video or go for a walk. If you only do one thing from this list, getting your heart rate up should be it.

8. Get Outside

Our bodies need vitamin D and we get it from sunlight. So, where you can, add getting outside to your healthy morning routine. A dose of sunlight combined with fresh air can really wake up you. Simply drinking your morning coffee (or hot water with lemon) outside can really lift you up. Or maybe you can talk the dog or go for a quick run and kill two birds with one stone!

9. Eat A Fuelling Breakfast

If you usually skip breakfast, then you know all about the cravings you get before midday has stuck. But a fuelling and delicious healthy breakfast can conquer that. By giving your body the nutrients it needs to function, you’ll feel much more on fire all morning. Our favourite? Overnight oats! They’re incredibly filling and the toppings are endless.

10. Set Your Intentions For The Day

And, if you know that you want a super productive day ahead and not just to feel fantastic, it’s time to goal set. By identifying your intentions for the day, you’ve got a much better chance of getting them done. Just sitting down and planning out what needs to be done allows you to start off with a clear mind. And what could be better than that?

BONUS POINT: Start The Night Before

If right now you’re thinking how am I going to do all that before the day starts, give yourself a head start and begin it all the night before. Because a healthy amount of quality sleep is essential. And a huge part of your healthy morning routine is getting an early night. Start with thirty minutes earlier, then an hour – and more if you need it. And before you know it, you’ll be raising naturally with (or before!) the sun and feeling fabulous for it.

What routine do you find most effective in the mornings? Do you have any go-to to-do’s you always do first? Share your tried and tested tips with the SOCIÉTÉ community in the comments below.

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