How To Transition Your Wardrobe From Summer To Fall

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We’ve said goodbye to summer and now it’s time for fall fashion to take its place. Here’s how to transition your wardrobe for the season ahead.

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As the seasons start to change, so much else has to follow suit. How you spend your time, your priorities, and even what you wear. And when the weather drops, you’ll soon want to focus on what you need to do to transition your wardrobe for the colder months.

With a chill in the air and a lot less sunshine sticking around, it’s time to cover up your arms, ankles, and everything in between. But what do you do when it’s not quite winter, yet definitely not summer and still stay stylish? These seven wardrobe styling ideas should inspire you.

Layer Up

Baby it’s cold outside – so layer up! You don’t have to abandon your beloved dresses and skirts just yet. But when it gets a little chilly, throw on a comfy cardigan or a chunky jumper to help you keep the cold out. Layering creates that perfect between seasons look.

Get Colourful

Is there anything better than a shift in colour as the seasons start to change? When it comes to shaking up your style, remember one of the key ways to transition your wardrobe is with colour. Instead of whites and lights and brights, opt for deeper autumnal shades. A pop of camel or olive really screams fall.

Have Fun With Hosiery

Tights and socks have such Blair Waldorf vibes about them, don’t they? And what’s not to love about that? For days when you need that little something extra, add some cute tights or thick socks to your look for a fab fall finish.

Make A Statement

One of the best things about fall fashion is the statements that are just waiting to be made. Summer might be all about cute dresses and fun two-pieces, but autumn is all about making a statement. After all, you’re starting to cover up a lot more – so you have to let your outerwear do the talking. Opting for a faux fur coat* or printed jacket is oh so autumnal, it hurts!

Play With Textures

Another sign of summer is lightness. Light fabrics and light colours. Yet when it comes to autumn, it’s all about texture. As you start to transition your wardrobe think about adding some depth and what sort of materials can help you here? Wool, fleece, suede, faux fur – all of it can really help you to shake up your style for autumn.

Boot Up

Is there anything better than a beautiful fall bootie? Despite the array of autumnal fashion favourites to choose from, the bootie always wins. It’s a classic way to instantly transform an outfit from summery and carefree to autumnal and cosy. Dresses, skirts, shoes, and jeans all work well. So boot up and keep those tootsies warm in the process.

Make The Switch

Finally, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re making the switch. At this time of the year, you need to slim down your style and pack away what you won’t be wearing. When you have a moment, switch out your summer clothes, packing them away and replacing them with your heavier winter items ready for the cold season to kick in. That way, everything you reach for is more likely to be weather appropriate.

Are you ready to transition your wardrobe? What are your fall to summer style secrets? Share your tips with the SOCIÉTÉ community in the comments below.

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