13 Delicious Boozy Desserts To Whip Up For The Weekend

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Weekends were made for indulgence. What could be more decadent or delightful than easy boozy desserts? Whip ‘em up to wow your guests or treat yourself.

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Life’s too short not to eat dessert. And we all know that working hard throughout the week stirs up the sweet tooth in you. So, when the weekend comes around, you’ll always need a go-to. Want something whip up with minimal effort and maximum taste? Enter our enchanting selection of boozy desserts sourced from around the web.

But being a list of SOCIÉTÉ sourced recipes, we’re not playing it safe. These tried and tested treats will really knock your socks off. Because each delicious dessert is tainted with a little tipple, ready for your weekend festivities. Are boozy desserts our newfound favourites? You can bet they are. After all, what could be better than a cocktail menu inspired array of afters? It’s a two-for-one that saves time and always gets an encore.

From the champagne-coated to the sangria-soaked, a sweet with a surprising treat is always sure to be a success. Perfect for a dinner party or to simply spoil yourself with, get your shopping list ready and be prepared to pick. After work treats, anyone?

Gin & Tonic Cheesecake

5pm on a Friday is often gin o’clock. But if you’re willing to wait a little longer for your drink of choice, this gin and tonic cheesecake is perfect for you. It’s creamy, zingy, and has a buttery biscuit base that just melts in your mouth. Whip it up for date night dessert or let it take centre stage at the summer party spread.

Baileys Chocolate Mousse

What could be better than a fluffy, creamy chocolate mousse? One soaked in Baileys Irish Cream, of course. If you’re looking for a light last course, this is it. The dainty portion size makes it perfect for those that like sweets, but don’t want something too intense. It’s the grown-up version of your childhood favourite.

White Chocolate, Strawberry & Prosecco Cake

When combined, sweet and sparking create the ultimate treat. So, you know a white chocolate, strawberry, and prosecco cake is the best of all boozy desserts. Soft sponge loaded and layered with fresh strawberry jam, topped with a prosecco infused creamy frosting makes this little number something special indeed. Doesn’t it sound like the perfect summer pudding?

Red Wine Macrons

Macarons are every lady’s favourite. So sweet, so delicate, and oh so gorgeous looking too. And the wonderful news is, you don’t have to head out to your local Ladurée to serve them at supper time. This red wine version of the French classic is both sophisticated and simple to whip up. Even when you’re not entertaining, they make for the perfect afternoon nibble.

Pimm’s Cup Traybake

Torn between two drinks to serve at your next summer soirée? Don’t sweat it. When Pimm’s is a contender, opt for the other. Then bring out a Pimm’s presence with a tempting traybake instead. The sweet Pimm’s infused syrup transforms a fluffy, frosting-topped sponge square into your favourite summertime beverage. And yes, the result is just as mind-blowing as it seems.

Nutty Bourbon Brownies

Fruit and nut fans, you’re about to get an adult version of your chosen chocolate bar. Assuming you’re sold on swapping the fruit for bourbon that is. Brownies are a classic on a regular day. But when done boozy desserts style and drenched in bourbon, whisky, amaretto or your other tipple of choice, they’re even better. Topped with a crunchy clan of nuttiness, and you’ve got your dream dessert.

Mojito Ice Cream

When the weather’s warm, cake can’t always cut it. Instead, you need something creamy and delicate, but just as delicious. If you could do with a cocktail too, then this minty mojito ice cream might be your ideal match. Move over mint choc chip (although a mojito version might be just as fabulous), this saucy substitute is an instant crowd-pleaser.

Champagne Mimosa Cake

If Sunday brunch sans mimosa sounds like your idea of hell, you’re not the only one. But even if you forgo your favourite come morning, this incredible creation brings it to you all packaged up as the perfect afternoon tea accompaniment. Serve it up with a glass of champagne and you’ve got a dreamy duo for a special occasion.

Boozy Berry Panna Cotta

Liqueur-lined sweets are something we all loved to be treated to, especially at wintertime. So, when you’re running out of ideas to serve at the weekend, go for a tipsy twist on an old favourite. Spiking the berry sauce with a touch of crème de cassis is a simple way to get a round of oohs and ahhs during the dessert course.

Whiskey Chocolate Truffles

Need something simple but impressive to show up with this evening? Be the talk of the town with these whiskey-soaked truffles. Because when chocolate, cream, butter, and a little tipple come together, you know you’re on to a winner. Whip up a portion or two ahead of your next social gathering or even to sweeten-up someone special. Remember, boozy desserts don’t have to be baked!

Strawberry Margarita Pie

Pies tend to get a bit of an old-fashioned bad wrap. But this fresh and punchy margarita pie knocks the stuffy socks right off of that rumour. Strawberries give it that perfectly sweet zing you need from a pudding. And the tequila sure helps too! Light, creamy, and incredibly refreshing, pull out this pie when you need to brighten up a party, or reminisce over summer days gone by.

Sangria Sorbet

Take pouring liquor over ice to the next level with this boozy dessert style sorbet. Forget adding a little ice to your cocktail and soak your ice with a lot of sauce instead. Dainty by design, but able to punch well above its weight class, this frozen treat will get two thumbs up from even the most serious of sweet tooths. But then again, the splash of sangria will certainly soften them up!

Nutella Martinis

To go out with a bang, do a quick switcheroo and cheat with a dessert inspired cocktail. When you’ve gone with a ridiculously rich class of courses thus far (or just carb-heavy), this little number should be your secret weapon. As a cracking nostalgic pudding – but perhaps not quite a digestif, this vodka-laced chocolate treat is both naughty and nice. Plus, when dessert is dished up in a martini glass, your guests get to toast to the host!

Do you have a sweet tooth? Are after dinner drinks desserts your kind of thing? If you have any recipe ideas yourself, share them with other SOCIÉTÉ readers in the comments below.

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