The Perfect Night Time Routine For Good Sleep & Success

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When you want to sleep well and enjoy a successful day, nothing beats a killer night time routine. Here’s all it takes to make that happen.

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Evenings can be crazy, can’t they? When you’re rushing in from work, trying to get dinner sorted, and unwind from the day, it can feel chaotic. Yet, evenings ought to be anything but. This is the time of day where you should be able to relax and recharge. Yet if your reality is a far cry from that, you might benefit from a night time routine.

If you’re binging your latest Netflix obsession and scrolling until midnight, it’s not going to be the best thing for you. It’s going to have an impact on your sleep and the success of the next day too. So, instead, to make sure that you are getting a great night’s sleep and setting yourself for a productive day ahead, these nine ideas will help.

Limit Your Screen Time

For starters, you’re going to want to limit the amount of time you spend in front of screens. It’s going to make such a difference to your mindset if you can relax your eyes and mind a little. Too much TV and scrolling on your phone keeps your mind alert when you really want to be winding it down.

Pamper Yourself

One of the best ways to wind your body down is by taking a bath. It’s always fun to pamper in the evenings, so why not team your skincare routine with a relaxing bath? Soothing bath oils, candles, and even a hair mask if you really want to treat yourself. This is going to calm you and make you feel sleepy ahead of bed.

Read A Book

With Netflix and Instagram out of the equation, you might be wondering exactly what you’re supposed to be doing instead. Well, reading is always a great idea. There’s nothing more relaxing than getting into a good book and there’s something so soothing about it. So pick your poison and prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep.

Adjust The Lighting

Now, if you have got lots of bright lighting going on, you might also find that your mind just feels way too awake. So tone it down. Dim the main light and opt for a lamp or fairy lights. Even candles can be incredibly calming. The warmer and softer the light, the more you will be able to relax.

Enjoy A Hot drink

By this point, you should definitely be feeling a lot more relaxed and ready for sleep. If not, you may find that making yourself a hot drink is exactly what you need. Now, this isn’t about caffeine – so no coffee! A soothing tea like camomile* or mint is perfect right here. Not forgetting a steaming mug of hot chocolate – that would be such a treat too.

Write In Your Journal

Next, you’re going to want to pick up your journal. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a writer, deciding to write down your thoughts or keep a gratitude journal can really help. It clears your mind and allows you to feel less anxious before bed. So grab a notebook* and start getting it all down. You might find it helps you to sleep so much better as a result.


Meditation can be so incredibly powerful. Just allowing yourself to be still with your thoughts and allowing them to come and go can be so soothing. If you are somebody that naturally overthinks or deals with anxiety, meditation can be a great form of therapy. It’s also very relaxing making it a perfect activity to do before bed.

Put Your Phone Down

Science shows that using your phone just before bed can interrupt your sleep, as we’ve discussed above. So, even if you have been using your phone throughout the evening, thirty to sixty minutes before bed it needs to go down. If you do struggle to drift off or feel way too alert when you’re supposed to be sleeping, this will be the biggest, most important step for you.

Be Strict With Your Bed Time

A bed time is something that we tend to associate with children. But there’s a lot to say about consistency and routine. If you are always going to sleep at different times – guess what? It’s going to mean that you either wake up at different times or your quality of sleep is affected. So, setting a strict light’s out and off to sleep you go style of bed time is essential. It’s going to help your body clock reset and allow you to wake up at the same time each morning too.

Handpick a couple of points that are going to really help you to wind down and get a good night’s sleep or try them all. As long as you are relaxing your mind and body, you’ll start to notice a huge difference in not only your sleep but your days ahead too.

How do you like to spend your evenings? What’s your go-to bedtime routine? Share your tips for good sleep and success with the SOCIÉTÉ community in the comments below.

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