Delicious Yet Dreamy Dinner Ideas For Date Night At Home

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Staying in is the new going out! Whip up something special for your significant other with these romantic date night dinner ideas.

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Doing life with your loved one is okay, isn’t it? Yet, when you’re used to wining and dining, staying in can take its toll. Or, rather, it used to – these date night dinner ideas will certainly change that.

A fancy five-star dining experience or a romantic trip around the world might be off the table, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your love alive at home. Date night can still feel special.

Handpick your perfect menu using one of the many meals listed below, get your cook on, and dress up to the nines ready to enjoy an evening with the one you love.

Date Night Dinner Ideas

Tired of tasting the same simple meals? Want something wow-factor for your weekend? Opt for something showstopping to make your at home experience feel like the real deal.

When you want to create an intimate evening with your significant other, it has to feel new. Different. And these date night dinner ideas are exactly what you’re looking for. From the most elegant of starters to mains that pack a lot of punch, take your pick and pull out all the stops.

To Start

For starters, you want something light yet lovely. Serve up a special dish like these lemon butter scallops. Keep it classic with Moules marinière. Or, opt for fresh and un with a goats cheese salad with parma ham and beetroot.

And then, it’s time to pick the star of the show from one of these incredible ideas…

Steak With All The Sides

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous steak on date night? Whether you find yourself a fillet, get fancy with a chateaubriand or give a beef wellington a go, team it with top-notch sides. Our favourites? Chunky chips or fries or course, with a hearty mac and cheese, elegantly wilted greens or a crunchy crisp salad.

A Charming Charcuterie Board

Sometimes, you just want to strip it all back. And of all the date night dinner ideas, this is as simple as they come. An epic charcuterie board is beautiful food at its finest. Of course, you’re welcome to choose your own accompaniments, but a plethora of cured meats, a selection of your favourite cheese, veggies, olives, crackers or breads, pickles and chutneys are how its done.

Decadent & Delicious Pasta

If you ask us, date night calls for pasta. And lady and the tamp would agree! But, what will it be? Ideally, you’ll opt for your faves. But if you’re feeling uninspired, a yummy mushroom pappardelle could work. You could also consider a hearty sausage and kale rigatoni. Or for something dramatic and different, a seafood and saffron pasta is perfect. Served with a side salad and your choice of bread, it’s a match made in heaven.

Fancy Fish Dishes

For the fish lovers out there, this selection of date night dinner ideas will create a feast to fall in love with. This blackened roast salmon with avocado mango salsa, in particular, will always wow. Then there’s baked cod to consider for something slightly heartier. And, of course, you could keep it light with a scrumptious sea bass served on a bed of noodle salad. Delish!

Light & Lovely Risotto

For another twist on Italian night, there’s always risotto. And there’s no need to keep your taste buds tame tonight. Spice up your rice with this fennel, pea, and bacon recipe for a bit of bite. Opt for something aesthetically pleasing with a green spinach risotto with hazelnut pesto. And for something simple yet insane, this smoked chicken risotto is always a winner.

Full-On Flavour From Your Favourite Cuisine

And what would this curated list of date night dinner ideas be without all of your international favourites? Takeaway won’t cut it on this special night, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try your hand at an ambitious recipe or two.

For when you fancy an Asian inspired dish, this crispy sesame chicken is incredible. When you want a South Indian feast, this fish curry will fit the bill. Or, why not bring date night alive with a Caribbean inspired twist to your chicken curry. Then there's always the idea of making something moreish and Mexican like this perfectly tender barbacoa. And if you fancy trying your hand at sushi, here’s how to roll your own.

And For Afters

No date night is complete without something sweet – ideally drenched in booze too. But, if you’d rather keep it clean, these three will be an instant success. First of all, fondue but with a butterscotch twist. Or, a second sharing option comes in the form of a skillet brownie dressed in all the good stuff. And if you fancy whipping up something pretty, this lemon olive oil cake will be a crowd-pleaser.

Do you love an at home date night? What are your most adored dishes to whip up? Share your tried and tested recipe ideas with the SOCIÉTÉ community in the comments below.

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