Lost Without Luxury Travel? Here’s How To Fuel Your Wanderlust

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When the world stops, what’s a girl to do? Travel may be off the table, but here’s how to fuel your wanderlust.

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They say that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. And whoever they may be, they’re right.

Travel is euphoric. Yet, when you’re a seasoned traveller or part-time sun-seeker, the inability to travel is a shock to the system. But instead of letting yourself get wrapped up in the woe, fuel your wanderlust.

Hoping on a plane may be out of the question and you may not be able to see your favourite sites any time soon, but these tips might just make you feed your travel bug.

Plan The Perfect Trip

For starters, one of the simplest ways to fuel your wanderlust is to plan your next trip. When you’ve got itchy feet, the closest thing to satisfying it is to work out where you’re going to go next. It might be in a few months or even next year, but planning where you want to go can often do the trick.

Create A Travel Bucket List

But what if that’s not enough? Or you feel more inspired? Why not take trip planning to the next level and fuel your wanderlust with a travel bucket list. Any true Travelista has a travel bucket list they can’t stop thinking about. So pull together the destinations you deeply desire to travel to and prepare to tick them off.

Dream Up Your Desires

Or maybe you want to focus on your bigger, brighter travel wishes? Fancy a five-star getaway or traveling first-class? Why not research and make it happen? You'll even be surprised by the fractional jet ownership cost that can bring your dreams to life. So make a list, then it's time to top up your travel fund.

Fuel Your Travel Fund

Not being able to travel has its perks. While you may be itching to parade around Paris or sleep on the beaches of Bali, right now, you’re saving. And as you’re not spending money, you can funnel it right into a travel fund ready for when you can jet off once again.

Browse The Blogs

Curious about Curaçao? Eager to explore Ecuador? Well, that might not be possible today, but you can opt for the next best thing. Blogs are brilliant. When a woman has spent her time exploring the Amazon or island hopping in Hawaii, you want to know about it, right? These things may have happened in the past, but they’ll be a delight to devour.

Start Your Own

Or maybe you fancy starting your own? There’s no other way to fuel your wanderlust like this one. If you’ve always wanted to be able to document your travels or create an online diary, now could be the time. Working through your wealth of trips to create cool content can keep you in check.

Find Travel In Fiction

And then there’s reading. We all know how powerful a good read can be. A book has the power to transport you to a new world, immerse you in a new life. So if you want to explore a certain city or dive into a new continent, picking up a new book could have the power to take you there.

Get Lost In Guide Books

Can’t focus on fiction right now? Forget about make believe and create a collection of guidebooks to fall in love with. Discovering the best burritos in Guanajuato or where to spot Dolphins in Azores can all be done in a fabulous non-fiction book dedicated to different destinations around the world.

Brush Up On Your Best Lines

Of course, if you’re missing local life and feeling like a citizen of the world, speak like one. If you have a ton more time on your hands, learning a language could be just perfect for you. Trying out new phrases on your friends during FaceTime or reading in another language (as well as watching, like in the following point) could really make it stick.

Travel Through The Lens

Sight is always such an importance sense when you travel. So it’s safe to say that you can fuel your wanderlust with video. There’s a wealth of material just ready and waiting for you on YouTube. By delving into a vlog or two, you’ll find it feeds the bug!

Try A Travelicious Series

And there’s always TV too. Sure, films can transport you to a new country or show you around a couple but a TV series can really take you there. Whether you want to feel the magic of New York City or go back in time to Scandinavia, a delicious show can make it happen.

Cook Up New Cuisines

One of the most electric ways to fuel your wanderlust can happen in the kitchen. Why survive on stodgy homestyle cuisine when you could dine around the world instead. One night you’re in Naples, the next you’re in Nice. And you get to enjoy a gorgeous meal too.

Stay Grateful

And last by certainly not least, staying grateful is ALWAYS a great idea. Right now, you may feel a little off-kilter, but it shall pass. So right now, you’re going to be positive. You’re going to feel thankful for your family and your health and where you are right now. And, be grateful for this gorgeous world that you’ll soon be able to explore again.

Are you missing your luxury travels? How do you love to fuel your wanderlust? Share your suggestions with the SOCIÉTÉ community in the comments below.

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