Top Things to Consider When Buying a New House

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If you're buying a house, you are going to be up to your eyeballs and stress. Not only do you have to think about looking for a house and putting in an offer and going through all the legal paperwork, but you have to declutter your old house pack and get everything into the new place.

The thing is, the mental load of buying a new place doesn't stop with finding the house that you love. It's very common to spend a lot of your time out looking for houses for sale and booking viewings, only to have most of them fall through. When you find the right house for you, it can also be difficult to put that offer in and say goodbye to your old house. While you may be excited and you'll have your house valuation complete, it doesn't mean it's an easy thing to do. There are plenty of things that you need to consider when it comes to buying a house, and we put a small checklist together so that you know where you should be going when you do find the right one.

Is the house in a good location? Is it a good distance from your friends, your family, and the facilities that you need, including potential schools for children? This is one of the biggest points that you have to consider because you don't want to buy yourself a house and then find yourself isolated from your loved ones and support system. If you are a community person and you love to be social, then putting yourself out in the sticks is probably not a great idea. On the contrary, if you want to be close to nature then it's no good looking for an inner city property – you'll get much better results if you look for homes for sale at the Delaware Beaches (or elsewhere more relevant for you). When considering the location of your new house, you'll also want to think about how far it is from your work. Is the commute too much or is it a good distance? This is an important question to ask yourself, and could be what pulls you towards one property in particular during your search

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  • What does the layout do for your needs? Configuration of the rooms and the number of them really do matter when you're buying a house. How many bedrooms do you need? Must you have a utility room? Ideally you wouldn't put an offer in on something that doesn't make sense for your family, but if you decided to buy a house and you actually don't have enough rooms in there, you may need to withdraw that offer. How many children do you have or are you planning to have? It's something to consider when you are choosing a house with a certain number of bedrooms.
  • Have you booked an inspection just yet? If you don't book an inspection, you're not going to know whether the building and the roof themselves are structurally sound and ready to be looked at properly. You really should consider whether or not the house is fully ready for you to actually move into it. If you don't consider this, you're going to end up with a house that isn't ready for you to move into.
  • What's the neighborhood like? Is it noisy? Is it crowded? Is it dirty? Is it cluttered? If you go through a neighborhood and you notice this, you should consider it before you decide to put that offer in. If the property that you are buying is close to restaurants, bars or university, you might find it being a very crowded and noisy street to live on. 

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