10 Terrific Tech Startup Ideas To Consider

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Looking for a business idea that involves tech? There are many exciting startups to consider that revolve around technology. Below are 10 examples.

Launch an online store

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Online stores are so much cheaper to start than physical stores and you can connect to customers around the world. Work out what product you want to sell and then create a website to sell it through. Marketing like SEO, social media advertising and online ads will help to attract visitors to your store. This guide offers more tips for starting an online store

Set up a telemedicine service

Telemedicine involves providing healthcare support and diagnostics remotely via phone call or video call. By looking into telemedicine app development, you can create a platform to provide support through. This is ideal for those who have a healthcare background. 

Mine cryptocurrency

Demand for cryptocurrency is growing and requires people willing to ‘mine’ it. Mining cryptocurrency requires specialist hardware and software to solve complex mathematical problems. The first miner to solve these problems is then rewarded with cryptocurrency.

Create a VR experience

Virtual reality experiences are becoming more popular and can take all kinds of forms from art exhibitions to impressive simulation rides. Consumers can then buy tickets for these experiences allowing you to make an income. There are companies that can help build these VR experiences for you, which include the incorporation of advanced technologies, such as the GigE Vision Camera, for example, to improve visual quality and interactivity.

Become a social media manager

Are you savvy at getting engagements and followers on social media? Starting your own social media management company could be a great startup for you. This involves managing the accounts of businesses and individuals and helping them to gain more influence. 

Create a mobile game

Mobile games are more popular than ever. If you’ve always wanted to create your own video game, this could be a brilliant venture to consider. You can make money via a mobile game through ad revenue or by selling in-app extras. 

Build gaming PCs

If you’ve built your own gaming PC and you enjoyed the building process, why not start a business building gaming PCs for other people? There are many gamers that want to build their own custom gaming PC but do not have the time or patience – and you can provide this service for them. 

Provide IT support

Another business idea to consider could involve providing IT support to businesses or individuals. This could include fixing hardware issues or software bugs, or it could include providing guidance on things like cybersecurity or software migration. This is a great business that you can start remotely from anywhere.

Develop websites

Can you build a website? Setting up a website development company could be another great startup idea. This could include building websites from scratch or simply using website builders to help design websites for companies. 

Become an app developer

There’s also the option of developing apps. This typically requires some programming knowledge and a small team that you can rely on, but can be very profitable. You could specialise in a certain type of app, or run a general app development service.

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