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I’ve written a post before about exactly how I plan my weeks and mentioned that I like to plan on a weekly basis. Basically, I had a weekly planning pad (similar to this one) that my friend gave me, but it didn’t have quite everything I need. That’s why I made this weekly printable planner for students, which has everything I use to plan out my weeks and be a generally productive human.

So, what’s in this printable planner, anyway?

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It’s got blocks for each weekday (and smaller ones for the weekend since I’m not a fan of working on the weekend anymore unless I have to!), a place for the date, a space to write your deadlines for the week (and any bigger projects/goals you want to get done/achieve this week), and then a spot for other notes and reminders.

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How do I use my printable planner?

So, how do I use it every week? Basically, on Sunday, I put in the dates for the week and add in all of my meetings, appointments, and social plans from my iPhone calendar.

Then, I look at my list of meals for the week (in my notes on my iPhone, which I make before I do the weekly Amazon Fresh shop) and fill those in on the days I plan to make them. I also fill in my workout schedule for the week and blogging tasks (posting, Pinterest, etc.).

In the deadlines section, I list the main things I have to get done for the week, like giving a presentation or submitting a paper. Then, I break all of those down into smaller tasks to do throughout the week (and put the smaller tasks in the day boxes).

I put EVERYTHING on my calendar, from replying to a particular friend’s Facebook message to laundry.

One of the reasons I’m a fan of printing out a planner for the week is that I can cross things out and scribble all over it and then start fresh the next week.

I hope you enjoy this weekly printable planner as much as I do. Let me know how you like it (and what you might like to see added in the future—I’m planning on doing a full student planner at some point if people are interested). I’d also love to see photos of you using yours!

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