How Relationships Make You Happy

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Ever wondered why you feel fantastic around others? Or why human connection feels so essential? This is exactly how relationships make you happy.

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Love them or hate them, relationships matter. We all have them and, you guessed it, we all need them in our lives too – whether you realize it or not.

Being around others, having friends, interacting in society, falling in love, it all influences our happiness.

Even if you think you should find other things in like to make you happy, people have the power to make it happen.

In fact, relationships have a significant impact on your health.

When you have wholesome, true, and nurturing relationships in your life, it’s highly likely that you’ll enjoy better health, feel so much happier, and even live longer too.

But we’re not just talking about romance her. Friendships, family, colleagues, community – any human interaction you have has the power to make you happy.

Let’s take a look at how.

It’s Not All About Love

For starters, let’s forget about love.

Of course, some of our biggest relationships in life are the romantic ones, but they’re far from the only ones that count. So even if you feel rushed into the Merseyside dating scene or wherever is local to you, take a second.

Scientific studies have found that our social relationships have such a strong bearing on how happy we are in life overall. And it makes sense, doesn’t it?

When you’re happy with your social life, your friends and family are good people and good to you, and you feel connected, cared for, and loved, nothing can beat it!

It’s no wonder what good relationships have such a significant influence on our health and happiness overall!

Quality Counts

But what happens if you have lots of friends and a ton of acquaintances – does that mean you’re instantly The Happiest Of Them All? Not necessarily.

Because it’s really not a numbers game. Having loads of relationships and connections isn’t going to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling that you’re longing for.

It’s all about quality.

The quality of your connections is where it at. How well you know a person. How they interact with you. How they care for you. That’s what matters most.

You could have two friends that support you and lift you up and are always there for you and feel so much more content and peaceful in life compared to someone with twenty.

Finding people that are your kind of people. Creating bonds. Caring. Putting the effort in. Listening. Making memories. Being there for each other. Championing each other. This is what makes the difference.

And when you have even one person in your life that does all that, it’s easy to see just how much happiness it could bring.

The Power Of Support

One of the reasons meaningful relationships and happiness go hand-in-hand is down to the support that we get.

Life can be hard. We all know that. But when you feel alone, it’s just so much harder.

Knowing that you have someone there for you, getting guidance, having a shoulder to cry on – it matters. When you have strong, sincere relationships in your life, you have a much better chance at beating stress.

Think about it. When you’re laughing, enjoying time with loved ones, making memories, and just enjoying yourself, how can you let too much stress in?

Knowing that you have physical, mental, and emotional support is incredible. You feel like you have everyone you need fighting in your corner. It’s hard not to be happy when you’re surrounded by support.

Lasting Love

But let’s not forget, romantic relationships still count.

You could have the best friends in the world and the most loving, supportive family – but if you’re in a toxic relationship, you may still struggle to be happy.

Having a happy, healthy relationship with your partner is so important to the satisfaction you have in your life. You don’t have to have love to be happy, but if you’re in a relationship that isn’t serving you, it’s going to hinder your happiness.

It’s okay to be picky. It’s okay to want to find the right person. To wait. To walk away. To know exactly what you’re looking for and not settle.

Even if your relationship isn’t perfect, you can work to make it better. Empathy, positivity, and a strong emotional connection are three key elements to lasting, thriving relationships.

When you’re understanding of each other, you listen, you notice each other, and you’re willing to build on your connection, it’s hard not to find a deep sense of happiness.

And the best news is, you can build on that. Relationships aren’t always perfect, but putting the work in can get them there.

Positive Relationships

And above all else, the only way that relationships have the power to make you happy, is if they are positive.

Toxic relationships will bring you stress, anxiety, and can even go on to having damaging effects on your health too.

But when you’re building relationships of a positive nature, they’ll always bring happiness into your life.

Relationships that lift us up, encourage us, distract us, bring us joy, motivate us, relieve us of stress, make us laugh – these are the relationships that make us happy.

So look for that.

When you’re making friends or considering online dating, look for positivity. If you’re considering Merseyside dating, know what kind of connection you want. As you meet new people, be strict with the kind of energy you’re willing to let in.

Going on a date, meeting up with a friend of a friend, reconnecting with family – all of it can be so scary when you just want to be happy and feel connection.

But don’t be afraid. Because when you’re willing to accept nothing less than overwhelming love, happiness is never far behind.

Do you notice a difference in your mood when you’re around loved ones? How do positive relationships affect you? Share your thoughts with the SOCIÉTÉ community in the comments below.

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