My Current Morning Routine That Works For Me

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There is so much online about morning routines & the miracle morning. Today I am sharing my thoughts on getting up early & sharing my current morning routine.  It might give you some tips to help you get up & have a productive day.

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I am the worst person for getting up in a morning. I love to sleep & naturally I am much more of a night owl. Over the last 6-8 months I’ve really worked hard on changing this pattern of working late on the computer & staying in bed in the morning.

One reason is my husband gets up for work mega early. I used to go back to sleep once he had left but having this disturbed sleep meant I would often feel groggy & tired through the day. I also was never tired when he wanted to get some sleep so I would often lie awake because I had slept half the morning!

Now, I wake up about 5.30 & actually stay awake! We will have a drink, usually a black coffee and a pint of water which gives an early morning energy boost. Once the husband has gone to work I begin the rest of my routine. A few months ago when he wasn’t here I put my phone outside the door so when my alarm went off I had to get up for it. This worked as it stopped me from snoozing!!

Over the years I have tried adding all sorts of crazy things into my morning but none of them have lasted. I read the book Miracle Morning years ago but spending an hour doing all of the things it recommended didn’t work for me, especially on these winter cold & dark mornings. I know all of the things are excellent ways to improve your high-performance levels but I found I didn’t want to get up & do them! I am a big believer in doing what works for you.

I keep a notebook at the side of my bed & each morning I write 5 things I am grateful for. Then I will alternate between a meditation, hypnotherapy or speaking out my goals for the next few months. I am still working on what works best for me.

After this I will look at my phone, I like to post to Instagram nice & early so it’s done for the day. I will then go downstairs & do an hour of work before breakfast. I have been working on listening to my body & eating when I am hungry. After breakfast, I will usually do a bit more work before getting dressed. I love the feeling of it being 9 am & I have already been so productive!

It’s fair to say I am still not perfect at this routine & I might switch it up in the future (if I do, I will let you know) but right now I have found what works well for me to set me up for a productive day. What does your current morning routine look like?

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