Make a Great First Impression With Your Home’s Exterior

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First impressions matter, even if you’re not selling your home! Every time you arrive back to your house it should fill you with joy, and making it look pretty on the outside is a great way to achieve that. Here are a few ways you can spruce things up, making it look tidier and more eye catching. 

Improve the garden

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A well maintained garden is one of the biggest ways to improve the curb appeal of your home. Trim those unruly bushes, weed the flowerbeds and add a splash of color with vibrant flowers. Consider adding some potted plants and hanging baskets for a quick and easy way to freshen up your entrance. Now that we’re heading into spring again, its a good time to start thinking about getting your garden in order, you might want to sprinkle some grass seed to sort out any dead patches that have appeared and generally just freshen everything up. 

Upgrade windows and doors

Your windows and doors make a huge difference to the aesthetics of your house. Maybe you’ve purchased a doer-upper and knew the windows needed replacing from the outset or maybe you’re starting to notice some fogging or other issues that show that a replacement is needed. If so, consider having them all done up which will improve your energy efficiency, security and the look of your house. Choose frames and styles that complement the rest of your home. For the door, check out the about us page here of your local door company. Even if they dont need replacing, giving your windows a clean and give your door a fresh coat of paint, with new hardware. A new knocker, house numbers and letterbox can hugely smarten it up. 

Get rid of litter

A simply tidy up can make all the difference to how you home looks on the outside. Sweep away leaves, remove any abandoned toys or items, and clear your porch or entrance area. If it’s full of things like bikes, wellies and dog leads then find storage solutions so that everything has a place without looking cluttered. 

Have it repainted or rendered

If your home has render, check for any cracks or peeling. A fresh render or a touch up really can make your home look brand new. Otherwise, a new coat of paint on the exterior walls can revitalise your home's appearance. If you have a traditional brick home, having it repointed and cleaned down is a smart move, there are companies out there that can do this without risking any damage. 

Add lights

Outdoor lighting is good for both safety and security, but they also add a touch of elegance to your home's exterior too. Look into installing some stylish and energy efficient outdoor lights along pathways or around the entrance, as well as on the front of your home to make it stand out. 

Define the Path

The path leading up to your home can easily accumulate weeds, moss and dirt over time. Use a weed killer designed for paths and clear out anything growing in the cracks. Use an edging tool to make it nice and neat, and jet wash away any buildup. This will make it look nice and new as well as prevent anyone from slipping over. 

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