Is It Possible To Eradicate Business Downtime?

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Is it possible to eradicate business downtime forever and permanently? Well, of course, not always. Downtime, after all, is found in your out-of-hours closures each day, and perhaps during those national holidays where your business doesn’t open.

But now, with digital connections, websites, and social media profiles, consumers, more than ever, expect for solid uptime and to access your online resources whenever they wish to. If they have a need, and you’re not available to resolve it, they’ll most likely choose another company to do this for them – perhaps forever.

As such, reducing downtime as much as we possibly can is a worthwhile use of our planning time. However, it’s important to never let ‘perfect’ become the enemy of good; instead doing our best to reduce downtime, piece by piece, is key.

When it comes to preventing website and operational downtime, planning ahead is important. In this post, we’ll discuss three measures your business can take in order to curate a better outcome.

Use Reliable Managed Hosting Platforms & Services 

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Companies that provide capable dedicated servers and aren’t afraid to attend to downtime issues in advance, as well as keeping up on any restorative procedures in advance, will ensure a profound difference in the number of unexpected downtime measures you are required to deal with. 

Here, it’s best to invest in a service that is fully communicative, can scale to your business, especially as you grow, and will be able to keep up with traffic and intra-network demand. If you can ensure that, then over time your access to the network and the hosting of your websites will be sure to go without a hitch. This means that the opportunities for any connection to have trouble accessing your well-secured site are reduced, through and through. 

Plan For Appropriate Maintenance

It’s okay to take your site down for an upgrade, or maintenance, or whatever other justification from time to time, provided it’s planned for and communicated ahead of time. Generally, businesses tend to reserve this kind of approach for times where customers are less likely to use the service. 

So, for instance, planned maintenance may take place at midnight to 3am, in order to ensure that the minimum disruption is caused. This is especially true of institutions that manage sensitive matters, like universities, banks, and many other businesses that provide services to other brands.

Regularly Update Cybersecurity Measures

As was recently seen with popular home streaming software service Plex, it only takes a refined cybersecurity approach to steal information if not properly defended against, and from there, the suggested change to your user’s passwords may reveal a difficulty going forward. That in itself can serve as a pretty difficult problem.

This is why it’s good to ensure your team can defend against social engineering, that cybersecurity patches are properly applied, and that in the long run, your compliance is assured. Using managed hosting or IT services, as listed above, can also help you outsource your essential and up to date security measures, which really do make a profound difference in the long run.

With this advice, you’re sure to eradicate business downtime to the best possible extent.

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