How to Get Ahead When Life is Busy

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There are times when you feel like you have all the time in the world (but still often don’t get your tasks completed) but what about when life really does get extra busy? Is it possible to fit all your tasks into less time?

The answer is, yes it is possible!

Stay organised

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The key is planning, a little organisation & knowing the difference between what you would like to do & what needs to be done.

I am not a naturally organised person in life but when it comes to my business tasks over the last 8 years or so I have developed some level of organisation which helps keeps my head above water. When life gets busy or when I know I am going have limited time (such as planning to go on holiday & have some time away from the computer) it’s time to bring out everything I know works for me & put it to good use.

The first thing I do is go through my long to-do list on Evernote. Yes, it’s not groundbreaking to write a list but it is effective!

I go through the list & ask is there anything on there which really doesn’t need doing anytime soon? These are the things you would like to do, such as update your Instagram highlight covers but it isn’t essential you do it soon. Put any tasks which don’t need in the next few weeks when you are short on time to one side & come back to them when things calm down.

Next, I split the remaining tasks up & add them onto the days I have some time. If I know one day of the week I am going to be out all day then I don’t put much on there. I usually work on time, thinking about which needs doing first, for example, if I’ve promised something to a client, have a deadline looming or need some content creation as my scheduled content is running low. Spreading these tasks out makes it less overwhelming when I sit down each morning.

On the day of each task, I go through the list & write down the 3 tasks which must get done that day. Then I get to work in the time I have to achieve this.

I will also have a power 30 minutes & do some quick tasks – I often do these early or late in the day as they require less brain power. Tasks such as sending a quick email, making an appointment, washing up – Anything which doesn’t require too much effort or time!

One thing I have realised is often the less time you have, the more you get down. There’s a lot less procrastinating & perfectionism. Instead, you have an attitude of getting stuff done!

What are your top tips for staying on top of everything when life is busy for you?

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