How To Find The Best Lightroom Mobile Presets For Instagram

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You know that using presets was a little bit 2 years ago, right? Right, but everyone is still using them!

Using Lightroom mobile presets for Instagram helps your images (especially those taken on your phone)! to

  • Have a more cohesive look and feel
  • Looks more eye-catching
  • It helps build your brand and business
  • It helps enhance your photograph
  • It is a form of creative expression

Not only that, but editing ‘on the go' with adobe lightroom mobile presets can make your editing fast, help grow your social media feed, and even help you grow your business – after all, influencers have made multiple seven figures. As a result of using presets!

Not everybody wants to be an influencer (I couldn't think of anything worse, hello, Introvert and private person over here) but gaining more business is always a win.

Plus, using presets does give you a significant confidence boost that your work looks and feels cohesive and attractive and that your work finally has a specific ‘style' and feel to it.

How To Choose The Best Adobe Lightroom Mobile Presets For You

Editorial credit: Wachiwit / Shutterstock.

Buy them all. Seriously, I'm not even joking. They're cheap as chips and great fun to play with; you can't go ‘wrong'!

But ok, fine – if you want to know how to pick the best ones for you, you don't want to spend all the monies on buying ones you don't need and will most likely never use. You don't just want to jump on the latest bandwagon of whatever your favorite influencer is currently using because that's hardly original.

You're going to want to look for NATURAL looking presets. Yep, forget the intense color or light packs, forget the gorgeous travel ones of far-flung beaches that look amazing but let's face it, the Bali trip is probably a way off yet, and forget the one where your favorite influencer is cuddled up on the sofa with her muscled beloved and her gorgeous fam (hello? She lives in HAWAII. What part of ‘beautiful island light and glow and location' do we not see here?

You want lightroom mobile presets that make your work still entirely recognizable as yours but enhance them slightly. Maybe they boost the contrast a little, perhaps they soften it, maybe they bring out all the gorgeous natural tones that you tried to get at golden hour, but the sun kind of slipped away a little too fast, maybe they add shadows or tones, or you realized the red leggings didn't work with your neutral feed and you need a slight shift.

It's the same image, just looking more radiant and beautiful. It's just more like how you imagined the photo would look when you took it!

Once you're fully confident and having a great time playing with the natural ones, sure branch out into the more extreme / niche presets. Try color themes like ‘pink,' for example.

But in general, these are SOOO overdone on IG now, and the trend is moving back towards more natural imagery.

Should I buy Warm Mobile Presets Or Light And Airy?

I have a constant heart struggle between creating warm soulful images or light, bright, breezy ones, and sometimes I love those greeny Bali-style ones! Hence why I buy all of the available best lightroom mobile presets I can get my hands on 🙂

This is also why I advise buying more natural-looking ones, though, so you don't get trapped in your work ONLY looking one way and feeling restricted in your creativity or following your favorite influencer.

You will love any preset you buy for about six months to a year, but then you will grow tired of your images and a million other people on Instagram looking the same. And you will want to buy more presets!

Don't get bored; just buy many natural-looking ones you can tweak and play with without creating a specific ‘look.'

You can play with both warm, cozy presets and the light, airy pretty ones!

Fantastic Presets And Where To Find Them

How do you find THOSE presets, though, amongst all the ‘travel blogger' turquoise oceans and pretty pink filters that look AMAZING at sunset in and amongst the stone buildings of Italy, not quite the same in your mostly gray and average neighborhood?

You probably aren't be taking photos in your gray and average neighborhood either, but you still want your home, client shots, and those grey day shots to pop, right?

Then check this out. Shameless plug coming up – the SOCIÉTÉ Preset Store!

I deliberately made these presets natural, with just gentle tweaks of color here and there! Of course, some are stronger than others, and they work best on nicely-exposed or slightly darker images, but they're made with creating beautiful, glowing feeds in mind!

I design presets so you can create happy, attractive, brand-building feeds!

Ok, so now the plug is almost over 😉 you'll most likely know you can grab presets from your favorite influencer and on Etsy, but remember Creative Market and doing an excellent ol' Pinterest search can bring up beautiful presets, too – I find most of my presets on Pinterest, actually, NOT on Instagram!

OH, while we are on the subject then, presets can also make your PINTEREST look amazing and get you, clients! (Find out how here), as well as your other socials and any other blogs or websites you might have.

Ok, so you know how to choose the right presets for you, where to find them, and which ones to buy and what not to buy. What's next?

You're going to want to make sure that you find presets that match your budget.

So if you're on the search for cheap presets, here's what to do!

The Best Cheap And Free Lightroom Mobile Presets For Instagram!

So you decided not to buy all the presets, and instead, you want to hunt down those free beautiful ones that everyone raves about.

The good news is that the lightroom mobile app is free, so all you need to do is locate some of the best presets.

To be honest, I always find the best place for presets, both free and paid-for, is Pinterest!

You can also keep an eye on Etsy, especially coming up to the holiday season time such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. Sellers ALWAYS hold sales around this time, and it's a great place to pick up a ton of presets at rock-bottom prices.

Anyway, those are some of my best tips on how to select, find and buy the best lightroom mobile presets for Instagram!

If you want to check out our gorgeous presets, go here now and view the store!

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