Creating A Classier Cafe Experience

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A cafe is a lot more than a place to buy a cup of coffee. It is a part of the customer’s lifestyle and, as such, the image that your cafe projects matters to the customer, as well. If you want to attract a class of customer that will pay for those high-quality drink options, then you need to show class in your cafe, as well. Here are a few ways you can do just that.

Service and satisfaction

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If you want your customers to feel good about visiting your cafe, then your staff have to be an important part of that journey. They are the face of the cafe, after all, and that interpersonal interactions is going to drive a lot of how customers feel. Making sure that you treat your staff well is crucial, so you should invest in customer service training for them, as well as providing them ample compensation and career satisfaction. A cafe run by a staff that feels like they’re stuck in a dead-end job is going to communicate that same feeling to the customers.

A great exterior space

If you have access to any of the exterior surrounding your cafe, then you should make good use of it. Placing a few tables out there and some nice chairs under an awning makes the purpose of the building clear. You can further set the scene with a planet or two as well as some queue barriers to create a look of exclusivity, as well as a place to let your logo shine. Even if no-one is sitting out in the outdoor area, it creates an idea of the luxury cafe experience that will drive people to want to try your products.

Create a brand that makes people want to buy

If you want to make customers want to buy your products, then you have attract them well before they set foot inside the cafe. Effective branding can be an excellent way of doing this. Creating a brand identity that is classy, understated, and uses imagery that simply oozes a high-quality cafe experience can set the expectations that your customers have. This can show on the signage, on your coffee cups, and on any online marketing that you invest in.

Easy access to good coffee

Sourcing good coffee beans, having good recipes, and providing plenty of options for customers to customise their drink of choice is going to help them feel a lot more confident about their choices. Be sure to advertise what you have on offer and make it one of the central points of your brand. Encourage your staff to have a few favourite recommendations that they make for customers who ask, as well. Make it seem like drinking your coffee is an experience worth going out to seek, rather than just a product alone.

Class isn’t something you can just slap on your cafe like a sticker. It’s something you have to work for throughout the entirety of the customer experience. If you want that class of customer, however, then it’s work that’s worth doing.

Sharing is caring!

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