3 Ways To Brand Your Office Effectively

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It’s not uncommon to walk into an office and find excessive branding all around the office. While this approach may seem compelling, it only saturates your office space, making it look unappealing and disorganised. Branding your office is an overall good business decision; however, mull over efficient ways to enjoy maximum effect.

Only Brand Visible Collective Items/Areas

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Consider branding items and areas like the reception that your customers frequently use to create a lasting influence. Using a branded hand sanitiser holder in today's environment is a strong branding strategy that'll communicate your company’s values while encouraging customers to sanitize. 

Another impactful area is the waiting lounge. Because it's the entrée to your office and where people wait, it'll have the most impression on your customers' mind and perception about your company.

However, just because it's the single most public area doesn't mean you plaster every corner of it with branded materials. Remember, less is always more, and believe it or not, the less you put in it, the more it’ll pay off.

Depending on the size of your office, you must choose an appropriate amount of branding. You don't want to brand your walls excessively, as this will lessen its impact.

Instead, use a minimalistic approach by branding as little as possible. Besides, the fact that you have an office sufficiently communicates the purpose of your company. So, use office branding as an add-on.

If you must, pick a wall or two to put up branded materials and leave the rest bare. Note that how you brand your office is an extension of your personal brand, so choose wisely.

 Use Banners and Stickers

The ‘how’ in branding should influence your branding process for best results. It's advisable to change your branding techniques to refresh your office look and give your clients exciting options. Banners are your best choice because you can quickly and frequently replace them without damaging your walls. 

Furthermore, your company’s marketing practices may change, meaning your office will need to emulate these changes. Therefore, it’d be helpful to have branded materials you could conveniently replace if and when necessary.

Usually, you can customise banners from large, medium, to small sizes to fit your purpose. Hence, use banners as your prominent branding and stickers as add-ons.

In the same vein, strategically place banners in central rooms/areas and stickers in other areas like the washroom and elevators for optimum effects.

Have Goals for Your Branding Content

If you think branding means printing your company’s logo on a banner and hanging it on the walls, you’re wrong! This would only be there for aesthetics rather than for a specific goal.

The three best branding methods include conveying company goals, displaying the company’s management team, and highlighting company events. All these are marketing techniques that'll actively inform and engage your clients.

Your office is a reflection of your company’s culture and the first physical point of contact. Therefore, it’d be wise to make this place count by branding it effectively to motivate employees and communicate with clients. Use the above insights to help you brand your office correctly. 

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