3 Avenues To Turn To When You Need Comfort

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Feeling anxious, upset, or a little off in general? Here’s what to do when you need comfort.

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What’s a girl to do when she’s feeling the fear?

Go inward and internalize the pain? Keep it locked up and pretend everything is fine? Or actually *do* something about it?

When you feel sad or afraid or stressed, it’s difficult. You won’t always want to quote-unquote burden (quote-unquote needed because, darling, you’re never burdening a soul) anyone with your worries, but you don’t always want to keep them to yourself either.

So, what do you actually do?

No matter the cause of your emotions, it’s okay to process them, work through them, and aim to understand them better. So never tell yourself otherwise!

But what do you do when you’re feeling all of the feelings and you’re not sure where to turn to when you need comfort?

Because, let’s face it, we all need comfort from time to time. Some of us (me) more than others. And that’s okay.

Your mind needs you to break down those walls and let in that level of comfort you know you really need. So, if you’re ready to keep calm and carry the sunshine on, turn to one of these three avenues.

1. Mindfulness

Meditation should never be overlooked. In any situation.

In line at the checkout.

On a plane.

In bed.

Whatever’s triggered you, whatever’s stirrup up an emotion – focus on your breathing. Bring yourself back into the present moment and kindly walk away from your thoughts.

Don’t try to shut them out. Don’t try to control them or change them. Just observe them. Thank them for stopping by and then, leave them be.

Just like a toddler or a bully, don’t reinforce the bad behavior.

You don’t have to stew over the emotions. Because when you do, you often spiral. It’s all too easy to create false scenarios in your mind and that only makes matters worse.

But when you’re more mindful and you actively look to focus on your breathing and bring yourself back to the present moment, it helps. You feel calmer and maybe even in a better place to process your emotions and make more sense of them.
Some people choose to take a herbal supplement, such as Kratom, alongside practicing mindfulness to help enhance their mood and relieve anxiety. If this interests you, make sure to look for a local kratom vendor online to ensure a high-quality kratom product at the best possible price.

2. A Loved One

Human interaction is such an important part of life. So, when you’re feeling a little off, reach out.

Your loved ones will always be there. Whether it’s a friend, parent, significant other or otherwise, talk. Because talking about it always helps.

It’s why we need to facilitate healthy relationships with our families (where we can) and nurture good friendships. It’s also why you’ll always want to push yourself to meet Berkshire singles or other locals, even when you’re afraid.

Because having that special someone there for you can help. And it doesn’t have to be a big deal – or a rush. Sign up to free dating sites when you’re ready and just see what happens.

Enjoy yourself. Have fun on dates. Get to know different people. And really work out what you want in a romantic relationship. Think about planning different kinds of dates and seeing where they go.

And after a while, you’ll realize that you can trust, and find comfort in, that particular person too. But unless you go for it and see what happens, you won’t be able to welcome it in.

3. A Professional

Sometimes you need more. And that’s okay.

There’s no shame or stigma around the idea of wanting (or needing) to talk to a professional about anything that you have going on.

And while this may not be the typical cuddle and kiss on the forehead kind of comfort you may have had in mind, speaking to a therapist could be vital for you right now.

Some thoughts, some behaviors, some patterns – they’re harder to break through. Sometimes, you need to talk through them and understand them.

This is where a professional comes in.

By reaching out to a doctor that you feel comfortable with, you might be able to work through some of the things that have been going on.

This is especially true if you’re physically injured as well as not feeling great mentally. Both wounds can impact each other and make things worse, and your recovery period can be hampered going forward.

And most of the time, you’ll find that breaking down those walls and understand the source of the emotion is exactly the kind of comfort you need to keep everything at bay.

What do you usually do when you need a little comfort? Share your go-to’s with the SOCIÉTÉ community in the comments below and let’s all feel lighter together.

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