What Sustainability Initiatives Can Your Business Embark On?

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Sustainability is a hot button topic, as more and more consumers and industry leaders see it as not only a nice luxury, but an essential provision to care for. After all, the climate crisis is accelerating, and we’re starting to notice its effects more than ever before.

For this reason, implementing sustainability initiatives, while a good measure for consistent marketing, is also important to think of in terms of your brand impact and legacy. This means the same kind of details-oriented thinking you would apply to testing a service or developing a product must be applied.

It’s also important to recognize, and consider, the initiatives that your business could actually partake in. When sustainability advice is given, it often assumes a great deal of the businesses addressed. You might not have the chance to install a biofuel converter in your office basement, nor would you have much use for it – nor might you be able to reduce 100% of the packaging to recyclable materials.

But focusing on what you can do is much better than lamenting what you can’t. So let’s consider that, below:

Public Transport Can Help Your Firm

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Public transportation is an essential necessity for many people, of course, but it’s also essential for your business. Think – might it be that the best next candidate you could hire may not have a vehicle for assorted reasons? It could be that by sponsoring a steel bus shelter and stop outside of your premises – your talent pool increases, your parking lot strain decreases, and emissions around your building also plummets. Moreover – employees are less likely to call in unable to work simply because of car trouble if there’s a reliable alternative available.

Charitable Support

It might sound like a cop-out at first glance, but supporting charitable initiatives dedicated to researching the climate, benefiting the environmental situation in your local city or area, or advocating for renewed pollution standards can be a fantastic idea. They’re working full-time on that task, so why not allow them to flex their expertise? It might be that per a certain amount of orders, you donate trees or regular donations to a sustainable cause worth caring for. Here you don’t have to shoulder the sustainability burden yourself – you get to help it grow alongside the best possible services.

Downsizing The Office & Remote Work

Remote work is a sustainable enterprise, because instead of asking staff to drive into work, you ask them to stay at home, or commit to their usual plans. It also means you may have the chance to downsize to a smaller office or premises, one in which you can rotate in certain staff where they’re required. While you might not be able to perfect a sustainable approach by purchasing your staff all electric vehicles, or making sure you never use electricity – you can find eco-friendly operational improvements through people management.

With this advice, we hope you can see just how many sustainability efforts your business may thrive with. It can’t hurt to try and see what difference this makes.

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