Career Driving You Crazy? Here’s How To Stay Motivated At Work

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When you’re so done with your day job and you want out, you have to find your focus again. Here’s how to reignite the passion in your career.

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Is there anything worse than clock watching? Or feeling that overwhelmed in your career that you just want out? Not really.

When work starts to sit on your shoulders, you have to do what it takes to shake it off. But what happens when you have no clue where to start? Or even how to stay motivated at work anymore?

It’s natural to feel off from time to time or a certain situation to get you down. But when you’ve lost your passion or getting out of bed in the morning is hard work, something’s got to give. And it shouldn’t be your wellbeing.

Your career is more than just a paycheck. You deserve to enjoy what you do.

Stay Motivated At Work

But what does it take to stay motivated at work? Is it possible to see a complete turnaround in your career when you are sure you’re tired of it?

It’s important to acknowledge that sometimes, it’s stress that’s making you feel this way. And, what we’ve all gone through, that seems to be at an all time high.

With a lot of honesty, a few changes, and the right mindset, you can definitely overturn this. Let’s take a look at how.

Pinpoint The Problem

Most people who get a job because of the pay package quickly lose interest or the drive when their financial needs are met. Loving your work makes you stick around even when things get thick.

Every workplace has challenging moments. You will collide with coworkers or the line manager, but you'll find the motivation and strength to keep working when you love the work.

Sometimes, it's not easy to discover what's causing the demotivation.

Give Yourself A Real Break

Quitting your job is not advisable unless you have critically thought about it, deliberated with concerned people such as your family and concluded that it's the only solution. Before that, take a few weeks to relax, deliberate and enjoy yourself. Let the break be a time to reflect and take care of yourself.

Do you love going out with friends, eating out, or visiting new places? Take the time to do it and make it as entertaining as you can. Go out with friends, and if you can't, stock your house with all you need to relax, feel happy and satisfied. You might need to check more info on keeping yourself entertained and stress-free even when you don't have company.

During the break, critically think about your life. Do you see yourself working in the same company for the next five or ten years? Which changes would make your workplace more conducive? Sometimes, burnout can lead to demotivation. After a few days relaxing with loved ones and getting enough sleep, you'll be back to your old, rejuvenated self. 

Address The Issues

The break will help you discover the cause of the demotivation. Probably, you need to create a better work-life balance. However, when it's an issue with coworkers or superiors, you'll have to think of how to handle it amicably. You can choose not to let the issue bother you, but when it's affecting your productivity and peace, talk to your manager or anyone you think can help.

Most workplaces have an open door policy where subordinates have free access to the manager or even the CEO. Use the chance to air your grievances, and find possible solutions. It helps to express your dissatisfaction and feelings, which is the only way to let your manager know about your work problems. Most issues can be sorted out, leaving you a happier, more productive and motivated person.

If your issue is low pay, you can probably ask for a pay rise, but think of ways to multiply your income when it's not forthcoming. A side hustle can give you more financial security and make quitting a dissatisfactory job easier. It might be hectic running a business and having a full-time job; therefore, take time to strategize and figure out how to balance both.

Focus On The Future

We’ve all got goals. Even if they seem big and scary and intimidating, they’re still your goals. And you owe it to yourself to go after them.

So much so, this could also be a remedy for how you’re feeling right now.

When you’re focusing on the future, it gives you something to work for. You know that where you are right now is just a stop gap. A step. A cog in the works of the bigger picture. So don’t let it get you down.

Instead, you need to concentrate on the long-term and reverse engineer. Think about what you need to be doing today in order to get there.

Even just starting to work on one thing today that will get you closer can completely change how you feel about where you are in your career this second.

Change The Pace

We all get tired of monotony. Let’s face it – who really loves the idea of seeing and doing and experiencing the same old stuff day in, day out? Literally no one.

So change the pace. Change up your working environment. Change the way you usually do your tasks. Even shake up the order of how you do them if that’s going to do it for you.

Trying out a new software. Finding new processes. Even changing where you sit! These things can seem so silly and trivial, but they work!

Just by changing up your tired and, quite frankly, done routine, you’ll feel so much fresher. And probably more productive and inspired too!

Could It Be Time For A Change?

Sometimes, the only solution to demotivation is quitting the job. Before you hand in the resignation papers, make sure you have a fallback plan.  Sometimes it's not easy finding a job when in a stressful one; therefore, step out of the situation, take some time to rest then look for another job. However, have some financial backing such as enough money to take care of your house expenditure for the next six months.

To avoid the same cycle, look for fulfilling job opportunities. These are opportunities that leave a positive impact on people's lives. When you have a purpose, you are driven to achieve more.

Do you find it easy to stay motivated at work? What do you do to stay focused? Share your tips with the SOCIÉTÉ community in the comments below.

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