3 Simple Ways To Create A Solid Base for Family Living

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Family living forever means you need to shake up your go-to decisions when it comes to decor. But here's how to handle them.

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Nobody will ever claim that providing a family nest is a piece of cake. With so many things changing over the years, your home needs to change with it at as rapid a pace. This is where family living essentials come in.

The best place to begin is always from the ground up when choosing something that keeps its strength and supports your family life.

Warning! Children Alert!

Small children running around every room leaves the likelihood of scratches and stains on your floors. So, it's a smart move to provide a floor that can stand even the toughest test of time through extreme durability.

With a young family, no doubt taking budget into account is essential. Luckily the perfect balance between price and practicality exists with products like Karndean click vinyl flooring.

Among the many benefits vinyl flooring offers is a high water resistance factor. This is perfect against the many spilt drinks or accidents that children and pets can produce. As vinyl is simple to keep clean with just occasional sweeping and mopping, it’s something you can even get the kids cleaning up!

Long Lifespan For Family Living

As your family grows and starts to require different needs, vinyl flooring still sands. It effortlessly outlasts design fads, by having fantastic rates of durability.

In fact, it is so durable that most vinyl flooring comes with a warranty of up to 25 years. Watch your children grow from babies to children to teenagers to young adults ready for their own home, and still be standing on your stunning choice of vinyl flooring. Isn't that something?

Designs for Each Area

Karndean click vinyl flooring is so versatile and family-friendly that it isn’t limited to simply the living room. Vinyl floorings have many qualities that make it perfect for a variety of rooms.

For the living room, you could have abstract designs juxtaposed with a stone or ceramic look for the kitchen. Upstairs you could have light woods complete with underfloor heating, yet opt for a ceramic or slate look in the bathroom. It's a simple way to give your home plenty of character and appeal all while providing the ultimate in luxury.

On top of its charming design and protective features, vinyl flooring often comes in competitively price-wise too. A fantastic price, elegant look and problem-free, what more could a woman want?

Are you pulling together your family home? What are you go-to's for family-friendly decorating? Share your favourites with the SOCIÉTÉ community in the comments below.

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