20 Amazing + Unexpected Secret Santa Ideas: What to Buy Flatmates!

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I get it—there's a decent chance you're living with people you don't know very well at uni or after first moving to a new city. Maybe someone in your flat has proposed a Secret Santa gift exchange and you have NO IDEA what to get them. Here are some unique Secret Santa ideas / ideas for what to buy flatmates for just about any occasion!

This article is all about unique Secret Santa ideas and what to buy flatmates as gifts.

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So, without further ado, let's get into my top Secret Santa ideas / what to buy flatmates!

Secret Santa ideas: what to buy flatmates who like to drink alcohol

1. Shimmery cocktail gift set

My flatmates got my partner this for his birthday and it was SO FUN to make cocktails with. Basically, you can buy edible glitter and shimmer to put in cocktails.

2. Alcohol infusion set

This is a fun one as it can get the whole house involved! It's simple, but also leads to more opportunities to socialise if you want to get to know your flat better!

3. Cocktail shaker set

This is pretty self-explanatory, but everyone loves a good cocktail-making set! Though, definitely have a mop on hand the first few times you use the shaker (speaking from personal experience!).

4. Decanter and nice set of glasses

My partner got my best friend this set for his birthday recently and he loved it! It's a good, neutral gift that lots of people would appreciate. Who doesn't love something that makes them feel just a little bit fancy?!

Secret Santa ideas: what to buy your most British flatmates

5. Tea!

My flatmates bought me a tea set for my birthday and I loved it!

Secret Santa ideas: what to buy flatmates who love a good picnic or party

6. Portable speakers

Portable speakers are another good neutral gift for flatmates you might not know well. They're super useful and, again, encourage situations like picnics or parties where you can get to know one another better!

Secret Santa ideas: what to buy flatmates you want to get to know better

7. Games!

I'm a sucker for a good flatmate game night! I recently played this Harry Potter version of Trivial Pursuit and it was so fun!

Secret Santa ideas: what to buy for nostalgic flatmates

8. Nintendo

We're buying this for our flatmate for his birthday coming up!

9. Lego

Lego is another good gift for those who are nostalgic for their childhood! Some sets are kind of expensive (and likely outside of the Secret Santa price limit) but you can find decent sets for cheaper as well!

Secret Santa ideas: what to give homebody flatmates

10. Pampering gift set

You can't go wrong with a good pampering gift set! Think bath bombs, bubble bath, fancy lotion and the like!

11. Dressing gown

A fluffy dressing gown is a must-have, particularly in London! And, a surprising number of people don't seem to have a good one. Bridge the dressing gown gap!

12. Candle

Candles are another great gift for flatmates who spend a lot of time at home. Plus, you might get to benefit as well from your flat smelling extra nice!

13. Slippers

Particularly in shared accommodation, slippers are crucial. Why not give your Secret Santa flatmate a pair?

14. Plants

Plants are another classic flatmate gift. If they don't have plants already, might be best to start them off with something un-killable like a cactus, though!

15/16. A book

Books are an oft-appreciated gift, particularly for flatmates! If you don't know them well, I'd go with something non-fiction and popular sciencey, rather than trying to pick out a novel for them. Here are a couple I'd recommend:

Secret Santa ideas: what to give foodie flatmates

17. Nice coffee

A nice tin of coffee is a great gift for any caffeine-addicted flatmates you may have!

18. Spice set

If your flatmates like to cook, a fancy spice set might be a good shout.

19. Nice olive oil

Another Secret Santa option for your foodie flatmates is some fancy olive oil.

20. Cookbook

A nice recipe book is another good Secret Santa option if your flatmates like to cook! I'd suggest giving a cookbook published by a restaurant you know your flatmates like. Dishoom is a great restaurant here in the UK and has a cookbook, for example.

I hope you found some good options for Secret Santa gifts for flatmates on this list! Let me know if you ended up getting any of these gifts for your own flatmates!

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