4 Luxurious Ways To Road Trip Across America

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There are ways that you could road trip across America in rustic but comfortable style, taking in the breathtaking vistas and world-famous iconic sites that this country seems to be blessed with in absolute abundance. The sheer majesty of America’s mountains, the solace of her open plains and palm-fringed beaches that have played host to a million dazzling scenes, and more than one marriage proposal.

Yes, you could do it that way. Rustic and quaint, or you could do it our way.  Ours is better. We want more than just an event; we want an experience.

Ditch Your Car

Unless you happen to drive the sort of car that dreams are made of, and even then – you can do better. One of the best things about America is an abundance of competition, and a quick search online will reveal dozens of car rental companies that specialize in luxury car rentals that are surprisingly affordable. Take care, though; if you’re traveling out of state or across national borders, you could incur significant surcharges and much higher insurance costs.

Get Your Kicks

From the iconic Route 66 to the Pacific Coast Highways and every other route in between, you’ll discover tons of hidden gems that cater to a discerning palate and an educated eye. You will find properties belonging to big chain operators like Hyatt and Four Seasons or independently owned hotels that cost anywhere from $100 a night to upwards of $500. If you happen to find yourself doing the Pacific Coast, check in here for subliminal levels of indulgence.

East Coast Elegance

Start your journey at Auberge Resorts, Mayflower Inn & Spa in Connecticut. This luxurious property will start your trip off on the right note before heading out South to the Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michaels on the Chesapeake Bay. Here you’ll indulge in sailing and a private oystering experience before ending your journey at Primland in Virginia. Sheer indulgence is the hallmark of this “road trip”, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find this level of sophisticated attention to detail anywhere else. Add to the basket that you’ll be taking in some of the singular most magnificent scenes anywhere in the United States, and you’ll fall in love with America all over again.

The Scintillating Southwest

Nowhere else in the United States will you find endless stars under endless skies like you can in the American Southwest. You’ll also discover enchanting options along your road trip through the spectacular desert region of the country. Start in Park City at The Lodge at Blue Sky and then head to Tellurides backcountry for fishing and 4×4 trails. Your journey takes you onwards to Santa Fè and Bishops Lodge for unrivaled service and pampering. You can take a Native American cooking class and a masterclass in chocolate tasting. (You had us at the chocolate tasting).

While none of these packages is inexpensive, that’s not the point of this kind of journey. Here you experience the refinement of the sort that will haunt you in the best possible way for the rest of your life. Just remember and plan ahead.

Remember to check your car with all the usual safety checks, and don’t forget to check the windshields to see if you need glass scratch removal. This will make sure your road trip across America is a success.

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