The Safest Ways to Maximize Muscle Growth

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Getting the best workout for your body can be a challenge because there are many variables. However, if you want to maximize muscle growth for power, try these handy tips.

Always Work with a Partner

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Safety comes first when working out. Whether at home or in the gym, anything can go wrong. Equipment can malfunction, or you can lose your grip on a heavy, loose-weight. As a result, you could seriously injure yourself. For this reason alone, it's always advised that you work with a spotting partner at all times. Exercises like the Skull Crusher, where you work your triceps with rather than pressing, are extremely dangerous. While it's one of the best for increasing muscle, you need a spotting partner. And remember, your partner must be able to lift the same weight. 

Maximize Muscle Growth with More Training

If you want more muscle, you need to increase your training volume. This doesn't mean working out more. It means getting the required amount of reps into a single training session. It helps to have a plan and focus your efforts on specific areas. Some studies suggest that it's the quality of the reps you perform rather than the duration that determines your muscle growth. Professional coaches recommend performing up to six sets with up to twenty reps. It's also recommended to reduce weight if necessary to get the required number of sets and reps.

Add More Resistance Exercises

Human growth hormone plays a vital role in making your muscles bigger. Any exercise will stimulate the production of HGH. Yet some are better than others. Resistance training is highly effective at having your body release more than usual. When you perform resistance exercises, HGH is released from your pituitary gland based on the intensity of your workout. But there are also other beneficial effects. HGH helps you burn fat for energy and aids in your muscle growth. And it also stimulates your skeletal muscles into receiving amino acid proteins.

Make Dietary Changes

Your muscles are dependent on fuel to grow as big as you need. You might think you are eating a good diet, but muscle growth is stagnant. The reason is you aren't eating nearly as much as you need to. Here are some dietary changes for stimulating larger muscle growth:

  • Always have a hearty breakfast for the protein and energy you need.
  • Stick to an eating schedule of three hours.
  • Increase your protein intake for every meal.
  • Add more fruit and vegetables to your plate.
  • Leave carbs for after your workout and not before or during.
  • Stay away from trans fats and consume healthy oils instead.
  • Make sure you hydrate yourself constantly.

Eating the right way, often, and more protein is key to increasing your muscle mass. But you also need to up your calorie intake to pretty much double. Men require around 3,800 calories per day, while women need up to 3,200 calories when performing muscle-building routines.

Use Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

It can be challenging to increase muscle mass by changing your diet alone, and sometimes you need a little help. First, it's highly recommended that you stay away from steroids. These are dangerous and offer no real benefits. However, you can safely use well-known and recognized supplements such as creatine and HMB. Creatine doesn't actually build muscle, but it does boost your strength, allowing you to lift over 10% of your usual weight. While HMB accelerates muscle repair, promotes muscle growth, and reduces recovery times. You could also look at adding in a specific supplement, that targets testosterone levels, to your vitamin and mineral routine. Websites such as tongkat ali australia provide a tongkat ali root extract supplement that has been said to boost energy levels and stamina which can help with growing muscle.

Before you take any supplements that increase your testosterone levels however, it is crucial to ascertain whether you do actually have low levels or a hormonal imbalance or not. Fortunately, finding out is a very straightforward process, as you can visit a TRT Clinic Anaheim or one elsewhere if you don't live in the area for a quick diagnosis and course of treatment.

Rest Less Between Sets to Maximize Muscle Growth

Resting between sets encourages hypertrophy, the enlargement of a muscle or organ. Obviously, this is vital if you want to increase your muscle growth. Rather than resting for too long, though, rest less. Resting for between 30 and 90 seconds produces bodily chemicals that aid in muscle mass. Testosterone and human growth hormone, to be precise. So rather than calling your partner for a quick chat, sit there for half a minute while your body does what it needs, and then get back to work. All the while, the natural chemicals will aid your bulking.

Get the Sleep You Need

Finally, you may not know how vital sleep and rest are to building muscle. Your muscles need more than just the right foods. They also need at least eight hours per night to recover properly. When you sleep and reach the N2 stage, your body releases certain chemicals that repair your damaged tissues. HGH and testosterone are among them. Both are beneficial for lowering cortisol, which causes depression and increasing serotonin, which makes you feel optimistic. Additionally, less than eight hours of sleep can severely reduce your testosterone.


There are many factors to be aware of when you want to maximize muscle growth. First, stay safe with a spotting partner. And change your diet completely, and always get enough sleep.

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