Is Your Business Using Social Media Properly?

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The world of social media is extremely beneficial for small businesses. Once the word is out about the good work you do, people from all over the world might hop onto your website to buy something or even pay you a visit in person. And it’s this viral possibility that makes maintaining a social media presence absolutely vital. 

However, most business owners don’t understand the power of social media straight away, but that’s actually OK! It takes time to truly cultivate your social presence, and that’s what this post is here to help with. Using social media properly has evolved over time; here’s what will work in 2022 for your company online. 

Keep Note of Attention Spans

The current attention span of the average social media user is around 2 seconds, with many people saying the longest it can last is 8 seconds. And that’s something you should keep in mind when designing your content. You’ll need something attention grabbing in the first few seconds to make sure someone doesn’t just scroll past and onto the next thing below. Keep it interesting! 

Don’t Make Your Content Hard to Understand

Content that’s very ‘wordy’, or content that requires a lot of concentration, won’t do well on social media. People will simply scroll past it, and if they see too much of it, they’ll just unfollow and never check you out again. And you want to stop this process in its tracks! It’s why video marketing is popular in the modern era; a bit of corporate animated video production can keep someone’s attention for 30 seconds without needing them to get too involved. 

Only Focus on Trends if They’re Relatable

Trends happen every single day, but if you’re trying to hop on board every single thing that goes viral, you’ll march straight into irrelevancy territory. People won’t care what you have to say – who even are you? And why are you here? So try to stay in your lane as much as possible. A trend can be useful to talk about, yes, but only if the business you run operates in the same sector or niche. If you’re a local book shop, for example, making specifically targeted ‘World Book Day’ posts will go down a treat. 

Don’t Try to Sell 24/7

Finally, try not to treat your social media platform as an ecommerce centre. Sure, you can make a sale or two through your Instagram or Twitter feed, but this shouldn’t be your goal 24/7. You’re trying to convert customers organically, rather than shove a deal down their mouth every 10 minutes. Give them something to look at, watch, or read up on. People want to be able to interact, and if they can leave a comment you respond to, they’ll be sure to check you out and see what you have to offer. 

Social media can do a lot of good for your business. Use it right and the power will pay it back tenfold.

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