How To Proudly Celebrate The History & Story Of Your Business

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When launching a business, it’s easy to feel as though every single day is absolutely critical to get right, and that failure can come at any turn. You’re most likely right in that perspective. But as you begin to tread water and even slowly gather success, you may realize the true potential of your ambition and the value you have to offer.

Even if you’ve only been operating for a year, or have taken on the reigns of a family business stretching back decades, it’s important to celebrate the history and story of your enterprise going forward. This not only improves your own well-being as a leader of such an organization but offers a story that prospective or returning clients and customers may wish to be part of. 

In some cases, that kind of legacy is hard to deny. A good example is Brylcreem, a British hair styling product for men which gained its fame during the height of World War 2, curating a legacy that still works for the company today. Now, you may not have such vintage routes, but you let’s consider how else you may proudly celebrate the history and story of your business going forward:

Curate A Specific Page On Your Website

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It’s good to curate a space where an interested client or even B2b provider can learn everything they need to from the story of your firm. This is especially important if you have some history, like family roots that have moulded where you are today. A specific blog post detailing your story, or even a curated Java-based timeline that showcases images as a visitor scrolls down the page, highlighting certain text the entire time can be tremendously informative, and adds a sense of occasion to the entire endeavour, too. Or – you may bring out records from your roller racking shelving and digitize them to showcase the history of your business, too.

Curate Worthwhile Celebratory Products Or Branding

It’s also good to curate worthwhile packages or products that celebrate certain anniversaries. For example, if you sell a fitness supplement, then you may add a ring to the top of your packaging for ‘celebrating ten years of business!’ – perhaps you could even tie this to a specific promotion. Right now, for example, Disney are offering a cheap month-long onboarding of their streaming service in celebration of Disney day, showcasing that even the largest international brands find wisdom in this approach.

Involve The Customer Or Client

Involve the customer or client base in your story – they’re part of it after all. So for example, you may attend a local convention and invite your customers or audience to come and see the product you have to offer. Alternatively, you might generate a limited run of promotional packages to ensure everyone can get involved in the celebrations. A line of merchandise for an anniversary could also be a good indicator of marking the event. As you can see, often when you include those who use your business in your story, they feel engaged with it, and may even continue to support you until your next celebration.

With this advice, you’re sure to proudly celebrate the history and story of your business, inviting everyone along for the ride.

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