How to Identify and Utilize Your Businesses USP

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Your USP – unique selling point – is the thing that makes your company different. It is the thing that differentiates you from your competitors and gives you an edge over them. When it comes to marketing your business, your USP is key. Without one, you will come across as the same as everyone else. There will be no added incentive to buy your products or use your services. So, to help you develop, promote and exploit your USP, we have a few tips:

What is Your USP

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To identify your USP, you need to consider what you do differently. Perhaps you need to think about why you came into the business, your reason for being, so to speak, or maybe you need to consider the tools you use. If you have the best tri-axle trailers in the business, you need to say so. Perhaps the USP is you and your experience and expertise. You may well have more than one USP, and that's great, all the more to promote. At the crux of this, you need to work out why your customer should choose you over your competitor. Why are you different and better?


If you haven't given your brand much thought, then it is about time you did. Your brand is your persona to the world. It is your company's identity. It is your back story, your company narrative, your core values, your ethics, your ethos, and your USPshoud be merged into your brand as if it were one. If your USP is your sustainable processing, then sustainability is one of your core values and part of your ethos. You should look to create a whole philosophy with a beginning, middle and outlook to the future. A well-thought-out philosophy which exploits your USP will give your company depth, humanity and will help to develop trust. As long as all the pieces match and there is no contradiction or, on closer investigation, what you say is untrue, then you will be able to create better customer engagement, retain customers and find it easier to attract new customers.


If your USP is interlinked with your brand, then it shoes be quite easy to exploit your USP as it is part of your brand. What you want to create is a thought related to your USP in the mind of your customer when they see your logo. Maybe your logo needs to conjure up images of sustainability or of quality products. Audi, for example, conjured up ideas of quality. Using marketing to highlight their USP. Once you have a market strategy which cleverly highlights your USP, you can create many special media posts and pieces of advertising which hint at the same thing. Social media is a great way to promote your brand. It is a way to connect with your audiences and garner valuable insights too. Social media can help you develop your brand further and market more efficiently. The more you hone your skill, the better you can exploit your most valuable assets – your USP.

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