5 Ways To Get Around A New City

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It’s exciting to get a chance to visit new cities and take on new places as your own. If you have the chance to move to a new place, one of the things that you have to quickly learn is how to get around it. Getting to travel to any new city is a life-changing experience, and every new city gives you a chance to explore a new place and get to know a new culture and more. If you’re a globetrotter, you’ll know that finding the way around a new city can often be difficult, especially as you don't know it.

The thing is, there are plenty of methods that help you get from A to B and back again. You can take on weekly car lease deals until you get settled and buy your own car, but if you’re simply visiting never to come back anytime soon, you might need something different to that. Here are some of the ways that you can explore and get to know a new city in no time at all.

1. Hire A Helicopter

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Okay, so it’s not the typical way to see a city is it? However, it’s one of the most luxurious and you can see what you need to see from a completely new angle. Starting with a helicopter tour will give you the chance to see a new city in an entirely new way, and you’re going to really see a difference from the sky!

2. A Day Pass

Did you know that you can buy – in most cities – a day pass that covers all methods of public transport? You can take buses, trams, and trains – and in some cases, ferries – to different areas of the city and really get to know the sites this way. It’s vital that you research whether a day pass option will work for you and how you can get where you need to go. A map will help!

3. Stay With A Local

If you plan to city hop, stay with a local! Staying like a local is one thing but staying with a local is an entirely new thing. Chances are that if someone is willing to allow you to rent a room, they’ll also be happy to give you a tour and show you around the place you’re planning to make home. 

4. Get A Bicycle

Whether you are on a shorter visit or not, you can either hire an electric bicycle or get a standard one to use while you’re out there. You can use it to get anywhere in a city, and it can take you much further than some public transport options because you can go down streets you might not have had a chance to go down before. You’re also not beholden to timetables and schedules! 

5. Walk!

One of the best ways to get to know a new city is to just get your walking shoes on and get out there! Walking can let you see everything from the best point of view and you’ll get your steps in, too.

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