How To Approach Building Your Dream House

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Building your dream house is literally the dream, isn’t it? But where should you start? Here are six things to keep in mind.

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It’s the absolute dream to build your perfect forever home, isn’t it? Yet, it can often feel like something that’s so far away from reality. But when it comes to making it happen, building your dream house can be a long, complicated, drawn-out process. It’s something that we don’t always think about from a practical perspective.

But what does that look like in reality? Even if this has been one of your goals for years, you may not have considered the key steps you have to work through to really get the ball rolling. So where should you start?

Building Your Dream House

One thing’s for sure, you’re going to want to keep in mind just how much of a huge project this actually is. It can take months or years to do and be relatively tedious to manage. So before you start, be sure to approach your self-build by keeping these six things in mind.

1. Budget

Things can be more expensive than you thought. Therefore, before even proceeding into the real planning, sit down and think through the budget breakdown. The cost of building your house will depend on various factors like the location, size, project management, design procurements, construction type, and quality. However, you need to understand that there will be times where the prices of material or items can exceed the one you originally budgeted for.

To build your dream house without worrying too much about the finances, you need to plan your budget and stick to it. Set a strict spending limit and add in a contingency to the budget to cover any unforeseen costs just in case.

2. Location

The location of your dream house is the next thing you should think about after planning your budget. The right location can really affect the value and lifestyle of your home. Deciding to build your house near a busy road can be noisy. But on the flip side, being too far from main roads can make it harder for you to travel. So it’s best to find a balance.

Before deciding on a location, work out what’s important to you. Focus on both security and proximity to key essentials to your life like shops, schools, family, and friends.

3. Design

Contrary to what many people say, it’s not just a builder and materials that you need while building your dream house. You must hire an experienced architect or project manager to supervise the entire process. You can opt to do this yourself, but it’s a tough job if you’ve not got the experience or the time.

Keeping the design of your dream home is important here. If you make everything too complicated or niche, it can be difficult and expensive to execute. Instead, stick to something classic and simplistic. Although it’s easy to add in unique touches with complete on-Site & in house welding services to create a feature staircase or custom-made wallpaper designs.

You can also check magazines and consult an interior designer to get more inspiration. Being original can be costly. But when your home is unique and feels perfect for you, it’ll be worth it.

4. Materials

The materials you choose as you’re building your dream house matter. You won’t want to do this twice. So everything you choose should help your home to stay sturdy and withstand any harsh weather conditions you might experience.

At the same time, it’s a good idea to consider the range of construction technologies available to you. With wood, concrete, ceramic, or more available, it’s important to work out what will any other suit your dream home.

It’s also a good idea to consider cost-cutting ideas that also save time, such as working with re-made materials. As you start to narrow down choices, write a list of what you like and where you’ll use it. This can be a huge help to your architect or contractor.

5. Contractors & Architects

When you’re building your first property, it’s a smart idea to hire a contractor. They’ll both manage and execute the project on your behalf. You will also need to work with an architect too. They’ll listen to your ideas and bring them to life for you. It’s their responsibility to design your dream home ready for your contractor to build it.

It’s important to hire an experienced architect with a design style you like. And when it comes to finding a contractor, you need to trust them. Ask friends and family for recommendations and definitely make sure you check their credentials. You want your dream home to be well-made, so it’s important not to cut corners and hire the right professionals.

6. Outdoor Space

As your forever home is coming together, you’ll then want to think about the outside space. A stunning garden can take your property from pretty to perfect. Keen cooks may even wish to think about making an outdoor kitchen part of their design so they are able make the most of entertaining during the warmer months. Whatever you would to achieve, work with your architect or hire a landscaper, or someone like First State Building & Design (who you can learn more about here) to create a modern design suitable for your lifestyle.

Whether you want an easy to maintain lawn, vegetable patch, or stylish seating, this is going to really pull the full design together. Just be sure that you’ve got enough space. It’s important to balance this out with your property area as you’re designing the entire plot to create the best possible finish.

Are you thinking of building your dream house? Or have you already been through the self-build process? Share your ideas and tips with the SOCIÉTÉ community in the comments below.

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