Best Gender Reveal Party Ideas

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Paint a picture

For this gender reveal idea, you’ll need a canvas and a few paint colors. Choose pink or blue depending on the gender you want to reveal, or yellow for a surprise. If you’re really creative, you might paint a picture of your family holding pink or blue balloons. Or if you have an ultrasound picture you can use that as inspiration. Another idea is to paint the baby’s room in the chosen color. Or even some new toys!

This is one of those gender reveal ideas that can be used by anyone no matter their age or skill level. If it doesn’t turn out quite right, don’t worry! You can always add some fun wording such as “It’s a boy…or girl!

Smash a cake

Smash a cake and reveal the color inside.

This is a fun idea for all the family because it’s messy! Make sure you're not wearing your best clothes, and have a camera ready to capture the moment. Don’t forget to bring a towel!

Have a BBQ

There’s nothing like a good BBQ to bring people together. So treat yourselves to a new barbecue from a Bedfordshire Barbecue Centre (or another centre local to you)  and then to a delicious celebratory feast, as you share this special moment with your loved ones. 

So why not host one in the name of your gender reveal? There are plenty of ways you can incorporate the theme into the event, from blue and pink food to fun games and decorations.

To make it even more special, have your family and friends bring gifts for either a boy or a girl – that way, you’ll be starting on that nursery/room regardless of what gender the baby is!

Make a music video

If you're the type to always be making a music video with your friends (or if you've been dying to do a video but never had an excuse), this is the perfect way to celebrate your reveal. Film it before you know the sex of the baby, and have everyone in the video guess what they think it will be—then put their guesses at the end of the finished product. Send your music video out to all of your friends and family, then have a zoom party to watch it together.

A few tips: keep the song upbeat and fun, and make sure you send out your invitations early enough that people can ACTUALLY film a part if they want to!

Bake a cake

Bake a cake and color the inside pink or blue to represent your baby's gender. You can use any flavor of cake, but vanilla or white cakes work best because it allows the guests to see the color filling more easily. Make sure you know what you're having before you bake the cake, as this is a bit of an irreversible step. And be sure to have the right pan size for your batter so that you don't end up with a height difference between two halves that makes it look like one contains a little girl and the other a boy (or vice versa).

Party balloons

Balloons can be filled with helium, confetti, glitter, paint, and water, just to name a handful of options. The easiest way to make this decision is by deciding what you want the balloon’s overall effect to be. Do you want a cloud of blue or pink floating in the air? Then go for helium. Do you want the happy couple and the rest of their family covered in colored glitter? Then go with glitter-filled balloons. Is your bigger goal to have an all-out color fight? Go for balloons filled with paint or water!

Water fight

When planning your gender reveal party, don't forget to get a couple of water guns! You and your family can use these to shoot each other with pink or blue water once you find out the baby's gender. Remember not to get too carried away — there is a baby on the way after all, and it won't be long before you'll have to clean up the mess from this party. Make sure you take some pictures once your guests are covered in the color of their choice!

Food-coloring fun

There are plenty of possibilities for incorporating food coloring into your party. You could add a few drops to the milk in your cereal, to your ice cubes, to an already prepared cake mix or frosting—or even add a few drops to your bathwater (for an experience that will cleanse you of the blues and the pinks). If you have kids, you can make balloons filled with colored water and have them toss them around. Just be sure that you don't use too much food coloring so that no one gets stained clothing afterward!

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