7 Ways to Get into the Creative Zone

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As a content creator, you can often be expected to be creative all the time. However, chances are that you won’t always find it easy to get creative, whether that’s writing blog posts, planning your Instagram content or making videos.

There will be times when you need to do some creation even if you don’t feel like it.

If you’re putting it off, you might want to delve deeper into what is holding you back and work through any blocks you have. If it’s as simple as not being in the mood then you need to find what works for you to get into your creative zone.

Here are a few suggestions to try and see which work for you!

Listen to music – This could be to pump yourself up before or in the background whilst you create.

Exercise – Again do something to move your body before or keep taking breaks to stay in the zone.

Fresh air – Getting outside can re-energise you and make you feel refreshed.

A change of scenery – Working from somewhere else can often be a good motivator when getting into the zone. My favourites are local coffee shops.

Tell someone – Let somebody know what you need to work on, when they check in on you, you’ll want to say you did it.

Use smells – Energsing smells from candles or essential oils can help you to get into the zone and stay there.

A nice environment – Tidying up your workspace can often make a huge difference when you know you need to get into the zone.

These are all ways to help you get into the creative zone and stay there. You might find one of these ways always works, sometimes you might have to try a couple and even on different days you might find different techniques do the trick.

Often when starting anything creative, it’s the starting which is the hardest part, once you get going you will find you are in the zone and you will be glad you started!

What are your favourite ways of getting (& staying) in the creative zone?

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