7 Unique Ways To Find Deals Online

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There are so many great discounts to be found online – you just need to know where to look. Below are just a few unique ways to find discounts online if you’ve got a product in mind and you’re eager to save some money. 

Shop out of season

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Physical stores may stop selling winter clothing as soon as March arrives, but there are many online sites that will continue to sell winter clothes all year round. Due to the reduced demand of these items in summer, they’re typically heavily discounted to encourage customers to buy them. The same goes for many other seasonal products like barbecues, beach accessories, Xmas decorations, skis, fans and portable heaters.

Sign up to mailing lists

Signing up to a company’s mailing list could allow you to be alerted of various deals throughout the year. You may even gain access to exclusive discounts by signing up such as birthday discounts/freebies. If you don’t want your main inbox to become cluttered with promotional emails, consider setting up a separate email.

Hunt down mispriced products on Amazon

Occasionally sellers will make pricing errors, which could result in huge unintended discounts on products. If you’re fast enough off the mark, you may be able to buy the product at this price and the seller may honour it. There are sites, apps and social media pages that can alert you of mispriced products. Be wary that sellers do not always honour these purchases. 

Visit online auction sites beyond eBay

Online auctions can be another way to grab various items cheaply. If no-one else bids on an item, you can often secure huge discounts. The most popular bidding site is eBay, but there are so many other sites where you can bid on products. Consider trying some of these sites.

Take advantage of coupons

Another way to lower prices is to use coupons. These can be used to reduce the price of everything from meals out to school supplies. Coupons provide discounts for a limited time and typically require entering a code. There are lots of different ways to acquire coupons including signing up to mailing lists and buying magazines, however the easiest solution is to search for coupons on coupon sites. 

Buy gently-used products

There are many sites that sell used products including everything from jewellery to musical instruments. Get lucky and you can find products that are pretty much in brand new condition, but at a discounted price. This could include unwanted gifts, wrong size orders and duplicate items that are still in the packaging. Local selling sites can prevent you from having to pay for delivery and are the best option in most cases.

Set up price alerts

Looking to buy a specific product, but want to wait until the price drops? There are sites and apps you can use that send you alerts when a product dips below a certain price. This can prevent you having to manually check the price each day, plus you can track multiple product prices at the same time. Consider using these price alert tools.

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