7 Amazingly Affordable Camera Bags For Women Under $100

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I'm mega-excited because in this post, I'm sharing amazingly affordable camera bags for women under $100.

And I'm excited because it took me forever to find a decent camera bag! I ended up just lugging around a huge day bag from a cheap local store in the end, because it was all I could find that held my kit AND looked o-k!

Most bags were either not big enough, not pretty enough, or too expensive.

And then I dropped my bag on the floor at my brother's wedding. My 1.4 lens broke, and so did my instax camera that I'd taken along especially to take polaroids on the day with.

So to save anyone from going through that trauma, I've spend hours researching this post for you!

I've researched some of the best bags available right now.

My criteria were that they were stylish, roomy, affordable camera bags,  and best of all, they can arrive on your doorstep as fast as tomorrow morning. No dragging around the local shops or waiting weeks for your online order to arrive! I feel like the fairy godmother of camera bags. Lol.

But seriously, a guide like this would have really helped me, so I'm hoping it helps you too. If you want a beautiful, practical and affordable camera bag under $100, this list is for you!

Stylish And Affordable Camera Bags For Women In 2022

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The Best Camera Backpack For Women? The Go Groove Full-size DSLR Photography Backpack in Tropical, $69.99

I don't think I can say how much I love this camera backpack!

BEAUTIFULLY feminine, (pink tropical flowers, I'm yours), and it fits in so much – not just your camera and up to 2-3 lenses (depending on size),  but your laptop too.

It's also waterproof (especially great if you live somewhere like the UK like I did when setting up my business. Oh SO many rainy weddings)!

image of wedding example of waterproof bags for photographers

(though sometimes, the rainy shots work out! 🙂 )

It comes complete with padded straps, which is perfect as I used to sling all my cameras in one bag with a shoulder strap and I still have the worst shoulder aches, even today, not to mention throwing my entire body off-balance.

It even has a waist strap to help distribute the weight more evenly across your body, giving your shoulders a rest!

All straps are fully adjustable (great if you're tall like me), and it even comes with a luggage handle slot which is great if you shoot overseas/ destination assignments,


I don't know what more I could want, really. (This is why I'm calling it our favourite camera backpack for women)!

Well, apart from more colours. Surprise! This camera backpack for women also comes in more colours. If tropical brights and overly girly prints aren't your thing, you'll want to check out this camera backpack in red.

For only $59.99!? Come here, pretty thing!

Get it here.

2. Go Groove Digital SLR Camera Backpack, Medium, Pink, $50.00

This fits one camera beautifully, with a few lenses too, and still has room for a laptop and everything else you might need.

The only reason it didn't win our overall ‘best camera backpack for women' prize (ok fine, I don't have a prize, but if I did this one would probably be a close second) was because of it's size.

It's probably not going to be big enough to take to a wedding. But for an overseas trip, maternity or engagement session, where you won't be shooting for too long and needing lots of different set ups, this is your bag! (literally).

We especially love this one precisely because it doesn't look anything like a camera bag, which is great for peace of mind if you're taking your cameras on a trip. In fact, it just looks like a rather sleek and stylish backpack. Win!

It also comes with the same rainproof cover, small laptop area, and padded straps that we loved in the big sister model, above.

PLUS, IT'S PINK. AND THERE IS A PURPLE ONE. Be still my beating heart.

3. Kattee Women's Canvas DSLR Bag, $48.98

You can see instantly what we love about this cute and amazingly affordable medium-sized camera bag! So you spotted the little blue tribal / flower trim, AND the detachable inside pocket!?

Too cute.

Plus, did you spot the extra tripod straps underneath?

This is probably the most stylish and affordable camera bag so far on the list. It's feminine without screaming ‘female', and if you check it out, click through to the last image on the listing.

The company have also put together a handy little style guide on the last image in case you want to know how to style it out with an outfit! 🙂

It's not going to be the biggest or most practical of the bunch, but for an affordable and stylish camera bag priced at under $100, we love this one! It's great for taking away or for carrying your camera around with you for the day.

4. Jo Totes Camera Allison Camera Bag, Butterscotch, $89

SQUEEEE I found a Jo Totes bag for under $100! This all-leather handmade bag is all about the style. Click the image to see it being used – it's definitely worth the higher price tags for style lovers!

It won't hold your laptop and it's not especially roomy, but it will hold your camera and 2 lenses (three at a squeeze).

Shoulder bags are especially great for when you want instant access to your camera. There is nothing worse than having to stop every five minutes to take off your backpack and unzip it and then put it all back on again after the perfect shot!

And this one comes with a padded shoulder strap, perfect for walking around a city or on a low-key shoot.

See it here.

While we are on Jo Totes, although it doesn't make our official ‘affordable camera bags for women under $100' list! You have to check this one out if you can stretch your budget a little more.

The Jo Totes Missy Camera Bag, $119.00

It's just so pretty AND practical! THIS bag is the one we would hands down take on a styled shoot

Check it out here.

Next on our list –

5. Women's Camera Bag, $68.88

For when you want a splash of colour or you're just feeling all the other bags are a little bit dull and predictable, this bag is unafraid to stand out! AND it's pretty practical too.

With a padded floral insert, it's not going to hold your laptop and notebooks as well as your cameras, but it's just about roomy enough for a standard SLR camera.

What we love about this bag isn't just about the colour though. It comes with a gorgeous padded insert, which is entirely removeable. Meaning, we can use it as a camera bag OR a normal bag!

It's also made of tough and durable vegan leather, and comes in other colours too.

Check out the black version here >

Just look at that insert! so pretty, and of course, it's padded so will protect your camera and lens.

This bag makes the cutest gift as it can also be used as a nappy bag, or everyday multi purpose bag. It doesn't win on size, but it's definitely a stylish and affordable camera bag.

6. Megagear Torres Genuine Leather Camera Bag In Blue, $83.99

This looks like the baby of the bunch, but it actually fits in a standard DSLR and lens pretty easily – you might even find room for two lenses and an ipad (definitely a notebook, keys and phone).

We love it for the colour and for the fact it doesn't actually scream ‘I am a camera bag, rob me'.

It's not going to be the vegan favourite for sure, but for everyone else you're going to love that this bag is handmade Italian leather.

It also has ‘advanced shockproof lining‘ to protect your precious kit from accidental knocks and falls (feel happy when stuffing your bag into a corner at weddings while you're running around the dancefloor)!

Something to note – reviews discuss how the leather types vary depending on the colour ordered. If you want this suede effect, make sure you order the blue colour – the other types have more of a traditional, stiffer leather finish.

Stock up on the suede protector and enjoy wearing this beauty!

7. The best camera backpack for hiking.  Bagsmart Camera Backpack, $62.99

Oooh pretty! Although in real life this camera bag is a little darker than pictured (see the supporting images on the listing of the girl walking in the countryside) we still love the design.

It's also another full size backpack, on our list of affordable camera bags for women under $100!

So, what's good about this backpack? So many things!

First, it's one of the only bags on our list that are anti-theft. Thanks to that big buckle down the front, you've got a bag which while not entirely thief-proof, is almost certainly going to mean you're less of a target.

Not only that though – all of the zips actually hook and lock together, meaning that it's going to be almost impossible for someone to steal from your bag by opening it without your knowledge. It's so clever!

It also has multiple -opening pockets, meaning you can grab your camera from the side rather than have to fiddle about with flaps and drawstring pulls. Plus you can slide your laptop in easily at the back and – get this –


I know! 😉

Super functional. You're not going to necessarily want to take this on your chicest city break, but for fellow outdoor lovers and when you need to take more kit (plus extras), this bag wins in the practicality stakes. It's the best camera backpack for hiking, travel photography, and whenever you need that extra security.

Plus, it's unisex. Which means he can borrow it. If he is extra, extra nice. 🙂

It comes in other colours too, all of which are neutral toned. We love that it's lightweight yet durable, super spacious, and perfect for travel and exploring.

Get it here!


Ok so this isn't strictly a camera bag, but I couldn't leave without sharing this little genius idea with you. This camera holder insert transforms any large bag you already own into a camera bag!

Granted, it will only hold one camera and one lens. It's also not hugely padded -if camera protection is your priority, get your hands on one of those bags listed above.

But for short trips, personal projects, and even if you're just starting out and don't have a larger amount to spend or invest – this is for you. And it probably would have saved my lens and instax.

The Koolertron waterproof DSLR Camera Bag Insert!

So that's our round up of some of the best and most affordable camera bags for women under $100. Not a boring or overtly masculine bag in sight!

So the next question is – how can you possible choose one? Let our buying guide help!

How To Choose The Right Camera Bag

There are so many brands and choices of camera bag available, it can be hard to pick which one. So far, we've narrowed it down by price, which is a good start, but here's a way to make the process easy.

  • Note down your essential and non-negotiable requirements – size, how much kit you need to carry at minimum.
  • Write down the primary purpose for the bag
  • Consider negotiable elements such as colour, price, material, etc.
  • Make a shortlist of those you like
  • Eliminate those that don't fit the requirements
  • Make a choice from those remaining based!

Step One. Note down

  • The purpose of the bag. A travel camera bag is likely to be very different to a camera bag for weddings.
  • Essential, must-have features. Consider size, and how much kit you must carry with you, and your price point.
  • Features you'd quite like, but can compromise on. Security, colour, material, strength, reviews, a particular price could all feature here.Now, you're getting quite close to understanding what your bag's primary purpose is, and the essential elements it must have, which will immediately rule out some of the bags. (Unless of course, you happen to just be an impulse shopper like me, and want to pop one in your cart anyway, purely because, well, they're pretty. And you deserve it)

Step Two.

Now you've eliminated some of the early contenders, you'll be much clearer on understanding what the right bag is for you.

Read through the descriptions and the reviews carefully. Are you eliminating any more from your list?

Step Three.

If you're not at your primary purchase yet – toss a coin. Just kidding. But you can now make a choice simply based on style and which you feel you'd enjoy carrying around the most. Yay.

But if you're still stuck, drop us a note below, and we will help you out!

What's your favorite camera bag?

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