5 Effective Ways To Create A Stress-Free Home

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Your home should be a haven that you can come back to and relax in at the end of a stressful day, so it's worth taking those steps that will turn it into a more calming environment.

Of course, this isn't to say your home will become completely stress-free – if you share your home with others, you will understand what we mean – but with the following tips, you can eliminate some of the things that might bother you. 

1. Get On Top Of Any Repair Jobs

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When you're trying to relax at home, the last thing you want to listen to is the sound of dripping taps or the wind coming in through the gaps in your woodwork. You don't want to put up with lights flickering on or off either, or unusual smells that are coming from your plumbing fixtures

The fewer annoyances you have the better, so call on plumbing, building, and electrical services when you need them, and eliminate any issues at their source. 

2. Manage Your Clutter

Clutter can add to the stress you feel in your home so you should de-clutter your home on a regular basis if you are surrounded by things that you don't know what to do with. Sell, donate, or recycle anything you no longer need and find ways to create more storage too.

This way, you will have nothing to distract you when you're settling down to relax and your mind will be as tidy as your beautiful home. 

3. Bring Nature Into Your Home

As we have discussed before on our site, it's a useful idea to bring nature into your self-care routine. Studies have shown that the sight of greenery can do much to bring down our stress levels, so bring in a few house plants and find other ways to decorate with greenery.

The plants you choose are up to you but think about the sights and smells that calm your senses, and surround yourself with them in your home. 

4. Create A Relaxation Zone

Dedicate one room or part of your home to be your personal relaxation space and fill it with the things that will make you feel good. You might want to add a bookcase, for example, with the novels that will help you unwind of an evening.

Or you might want to create an area that can help you carry out a relaxing hobby, such as a place to paint or draw. Or you could just create a space to lie back and take a nap when you need to, with a soft chair, comfortable blanket, and a device to play some soothing music. 

5. Insist On A Few Rules

This is especially important if you live with others, as the noise they make could impede on your relaxation time. So, set a ‘no noise' rule after a certain time, and think of other rules, such as ‘tidy up after yourself' to alleviate the problem of stressful clutter.

You can also create rules for yourself, such as ‘no looking at my phone after a certain time,' as this will give you time to rest your mind away from your social media and emails. 

By following these steps, you should be able to rest and relax at home, with fewer things to distract you and cause you stress. Consider what we have said then and do whatever else it takes to ensure your time at home is a happier one.

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