5 Business Ideas That Could Help Your Community

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As an entrepreneur, you consistently look for innovative ways of solving problems. In some cases, your target audience could be in your community. Over the years, several small towns have been positively transformed by the mere presence of various businesses. When planning on launching your first or next new business, you should consider doing so in your community. Here are some business ideas you can consider. 

Laundry and dry cleaning service

Not all families can afford the expenses of owning a washing machine. Or, some don’t have enough time to ensure they have clean clothes all the time. There’s also the fact that some clothing items such as jackets and suits have specific cleaning and maintenance requirements that people may not easily do without skill and experience. All these reasons highlight why a community's availability of laundry and dry cleaning services is important. You can invest in equipment such as commercial washers, pressers, cleaning chemicals, and so on. 

Meal prepper

If you love cooking and are good at planning, opening a meal-prepping business is a good fit. A meal prep business helps customers plan meals, purchase the right ingredients for meals, and prep these meals. These are then delivered to the customer, offering ease and convenience. Unlike a catering service, a prepping meal service focuses on helping smaller groups such as individuals and families. Additionally, the meals are usually healthier. Setting up a business like this in your town could help residents live healthier lives as they have fewer excuses to practise bad eating habits or miss out on their fitness goals. 

CV and cover letter writing

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Starting a CV and cover letter writing business is a great idea if you live in a college neighbourhood or an area with many business workers. The quality of one’s CV and cover letter plays an important role in securing a job. However, it would be helpful if you have recruitment experience or the right skills to evaluate the quality of these documents. If not, you should consider hiring professionals to help job seekers create compelling profiles that will bring them employment. Such a business, although small, would go a long way to bringing positive results to your community.

Daycare centres

Children need to socialise and learn basic life skills at a certain age. On the other hand, parents also need space to carry out various activities. This is where daycare centres come in. Daycare centres are important to communities as parents know they can leave their children with trustworthy staff to go about their day. What’s more convenient about having one in your neighbourhood is that parents don’t need to go too far and can easily drop them off and pick them up.


With online stores and Kindles, owning a bookstore may not seem like a successful business venture. But you’re quite wrong. A survey found that about 51% of Brits prefer buying their books in a store despite the digital options available. Therefore, your bookstore would likely find loyal customers in a small town. You should also make your bookstore a literature hub by holding various literary events such as poetry slams, author pop-ups, and movie nights.

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