4 Tips for Programming Better Code

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Writing code is hard. We don't write a new line of code without first considering how it will interact with the existing code, what possible errors could arise from the interaction, and how we can resolve those errors before they impact our users.

Writing code requires us to think through many different scenarios and anticipate potential problems before they happen. This is something that you can grow with practice and experience, especially if you want to work in a programming company similar to a laravel development company. So here are a few tips to help you for programming better code:

Stop Writing Comments

Comments are a pain to write, and other programmers can ignore them. Code should be self-documenting, which means that it doesn't need comments. If you want to explain your code, try using a README file or comment on the code itself.

It's also common for programmers to use comments to explain why they chose the piece of code they did over another available option. This can lead to some complex explanations that could be better explained with an example (or two).

Use Third Party Libraries

When you are programming, you aren't using all the code yourself. So don't reinvent the wheel. Someone has already written a pre-package code, so you can use that instead of rewriting the function again.

We are all human and will make mistakes, but libraries are tested, reviewed, and tried in thousands of combinations. So if you see a library that does something similar as what you would write yourself but with better performance, it might be a small change to put this code into your own program instead of writing it yourself.

Install Versioning Software in Your Local Machine

Versioning software is a must for all programmers. It can help you manage your code and keep track of changes, which is essential for creating the best possible final product. The two most popular versioning tools are Git and Subversion (SVN).

If you’re just getting started with versioning software, we recommend using Git because its interface is more intuitive than SVN’s. Git is easy to install and is available across platforms. Versioning is essential for collaborations as you can quickly share changes in the cord. You can also set up workflows where code is automatically deported when you use versioning.

Write Documentation

Writing documentation can help you to programme better code. By writing down your ideas and thoughts, you are able to maintain a clear mind, focus on the task at hand, and not get distracted by other thoughts and distractions that would normally come up when you start typing the next line of code.

 It will also help you understand your code better and serve as a reminder if you have to return to it later. You can also point users to your documentation, so they will not have to rely on customer service to understand your application.


You should now understand better how to write better code, and hopefully, you can use some of these tips to improve your work. Remember that programming is an ever-changing field, so don’t get too hung up on any one method or tool. Make sure that you are always learning new things and adapting your approach as needed!

Sharing is caring!

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