4 Common Myths About DIY Furniture You Should Straight Up Ignore!

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In today’s economic climate, we’re all looking for new and inventive ways of saving money. As a homeowner, you’re struggling because you want to make your house look nice, but you don’t want to spend a fortune. 

Consequently, you consider taking a DIY approach. Some people will decide to build a house to save money, and it can be extremely cost-effective. But, if you've recently moved into a home or are looking to get new furniture, you may think about building some yourself. You have a look online and are immediately put off by all the information out there. You see, there are many myths about DIY furniture that just are not true. More often than not, they exist to scare you into thinking that buying furniture is the only option. So, here are a few common myths you should straight up ignore: 

DIY furniture is more expensive

Okay, it can be, but only if you are using absurdly expensive materials or equipment. Realistically, it is always cheaper to build furniture than to buy it. Why? Because you’re not running a business that has to think about boring things like operating costs, etc. You’re not trying to make a profit, while furniture companies are. So, they’ll take the cost of building something and add extra charges on top. 

When you handle everything yourself, you literally only pay for materials and resources. Plus, after you purchase any equipment to build your first item of furniture, you never have to buy it again. This makes all the subsequent items way cheaper to make!

DIY furniture is too hard to make

Again, this is a lie. You probably see this on blogs for furniture companies and stuff like that. They usually end with a call to action saying that you can contact them for help with your furniture needs. Basically, they’re making it seem like it’s really hard to make furniture when it isn’t. 

All you need is minimal experience with DIY, the right tools, materials and a plan to follow. In fact, you can even forgo some of the tools and pay for things like plywood cutting or other cutting services. Sure, it’s an added expense, but it makes your life easier as you only have to connect pieces together. Plus, it’s still cheaper than buying furniture from a shop.

DIY furniture is not built to last

This is a weird myth when you stop and think about it. At first, you think…well, DIY furniture surely isn’t built to last, right? But then you ask yourself why? Why would this be a thing? I think it’s just the whole notion of something being DIY that makes it seem like it’s of a lower quality than something built by a company. 

Realistically, the furniture you buy from shops is still built by someone or something. What’s more, you have no control over how it was built or what materials were used. For all you know, they’ve used cheap materials to make the furniture seem more affordable. When you do it yourself, you can pick materials that are literally built to last. 

So, yes, DIY furniture is actually built to last – if you build it correctly. There’s no reason the table you made in your garage can’t last for just as many years as one that’s built in a factory somewhere. If anything, there’s a bigger chance of your DIY furniture outlasting what you buy from a shop.  

DIY furniture looks worse

Once more, it’s a myth that makes no sense. DIY furniture can genuinely look so much nicer than shop-bought stuff. Why? Because it’s unique and designed to your own specifications and tastes. Sometimes, you find furniture that’s almost perfect, but not quite. There’s a tiny thing that’s not exactly perfect, but you compromise because it’s the best piece you’ve seen. 

When you build something from scratch, you can literally design it to have all the features you’re after. It can be the ideal height, shape, style and design! Moreover, you can colour it however you like and put finishes on it to make it look professional. Objectively speaking, DIY furniture looks just as good as shop-bought items, if not better. 

There you go; four common myths about DIY furniture you should straight-up ignore. Making your own furniture is a fantastic way to liven up your home and add a touch of class. At the same time, it’s also really useful in today’s world where you’re trying to spend less money. Now, you can hit the perfect blend of saving money and improving your interior design.

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