3 Tips for Setting Your Blogging Goals

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The start of a new year is a good time to create some blogging goals (and goals for all aspects of your life). It’s a new year and a fresh start which can give you a new perspective on what you want to achieve and the direction you and your blog are heading.

The idea of having goals is it gives you something to work towards, can keep you focused on those days when you are lacking in motivation and at the end of the year (or whenever you achieve them).  They are something to celebrate and be proud  of when you have achieved them.

Setting Your Blogging Goals

When it comes to creating some new goals for the year here are 3 top tips which will help you achieve them over the coming months and year.

1 – Look Back – Looking back over the previous 12 months is a good starting point. What worked for you and what didn’t? What do you want to build on over the future and what are you happy to leave behind? What things did you enjoy the most which helped you have success? Asking yourself these style of questions can be a huge help. Remember to look at the positive things you achieved and then begin to look forward.

2 – Keep it Down – It’s best to focus on a few goals, especially the “big” goals. Having too many can feel overwhelming so you may feel defeated before you even begin. Having a handful of goals you want to achieve makes them more attainable and gives you focus. Once you achieve them you can always add more throughout the year.

3 – Make a Plan – Having a big goal is great but you will also need a plan to get there. Break it down into what type of steps you need to take in order to get there and then get to work. Again, this can help prevent overwhelm and helps you to keep focused as you know exactly what you need to do – step by step.

Making goals can be a fun process so have a good time and remember to dream big!

Happy blogging!

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