18 Irritating Habits Men Admit They Can’t Stand in Other Men

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Although society likes to project traditional stereotypes of men as being powerful, dominant, and strong, the fact is that men are much more complex beings than this. Science shows that human beings experience a range of around 27 different emotions, and this is true whether you are male or female; however, due to societal pressures and expectations, often men find themselves ridiculed and mocked for appearing to be anything less than an alpha male. This can result in behaviors such as toxic masculinity and resentment against other men for the suppression of authentic feelings and emotions. Here are 18 things that men hate about other men.

Toxic Masculinity

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Toxic masculinity is all about suppressing vulnerability, displays of aggression, chauvinism, and sexist behavior, but the thing is, not all men engage in toxic masculinity and males who are comfortable with being vulnerable and showing their sensitive side hate elements of toxic masculinity as it perpetuates negative narratives around men in general. 

Competitive Streak

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Men tend to be quite competitive, whether in a game of sports or at work, but sometimes men can take their competitive streak a little too far. Especially if it's regarding winning the affection of a female, men can turn against each other and even become aggressive.


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Cheating is a behavior that some men truly hate about other males. The fact is that not all men are unfaithful, and there are guys out there who take pride in prioritizing values of commitment, and they can’t stand seeing a nice woman being mistreated and betrayed. 

Body Shaming 

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It’s not only women who need to worry about body shaming; some men actually body shame each other for getting out of shape, having a beer belly or generally lacking a muscular physique, and it is a quality that most men hate about other males. 

Domestic Violence

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Any kind of violence is wrong. However, most men feel strongly about males who are violent towards females, and they view it as cowardly behavior to physically assault a woman under any circumstances. 

Lack of Mental Health Support

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It’s no secret that men struggle to open up about their mental health, and men resent the fact that other men are so awkward to speak to about mental health issues. If men came together more to support each other's mental health, they could literally save lives. 

Poor Hygiene 

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It’s no secret that sometimes men can be less clean than women. Furthermore, due to complex biological factors, men's body odor also tends to be stronger than females. These two factors combined can result in some guys being a bit stinky, and it’s another thing that men hate about each other. 

Gender Role Shaming 

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Traditional expectations assert prescribed roles to males and females within society, but it’s not one size fits all, and instead of being “the breadwinner,” some men prefer to stay at home and raise their children while the woman goes out to work. Unfortunately, some men mock and shame other males who have made choices that challenge traditional gender roles. 

Bro Code

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The bro code refers to men's unspoken ways of behaving around each other that include no overt displays of emotion, heterosexual vibes only, and stoicism. Men hate the idea of “bro code” as it is basically toxic masculinity in action. 


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In 2024, many men are accepting and respectful toward people with different sexual preferences. However, some males still act in homophobic ways, which many guys really hate.  

Lack of Empathy

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Due to gender socialization and influences like toxic masculinity, some men appear to lack empathy, and this is something most guys detest in other males as they feel that the world needs more empathetic men, fathers, and husbands, not less. 

Man Shaming Eachother

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Have you ever heard men in groups using slurs as an attempt to put each other down, like “don’t be such a girl” or “man up,” most of us have, and this is actually a form of man shaming that is carried out by men, against other men.  

Lack of Accountability

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While some people feel that “a real man” is someone who faces the consequences of his actions and takes accountability, others do not, and men who believe in “doing the right thing” hate other men who lack accountability and who try to shift their responsibilities onto others. 

Absent Fathers

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Some men are appalled by the fact that some fathers leave the mother of the children and then make no effort to be in the child's life, whether that’s physically, emotionally, or financially. 


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While masculinity is often associated with aggression, masculinity is not one-dimensional, and not all men are aggressive; in fact, men are also kind, loving, patient, and a whole plethora of wonderful things. But many hate to see how some males act in overtly aggressive ways in an attempt to assert their dominance over others. 

Lack of Vulnerability

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Some guys hate that other men shy away from vulnerability and instead choose to hide their true emotions, as this can have detrimental effects on a man's mental and emotional health.


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Men who betray friendships or business partners are often hated by other males, as disloyalty is viewed as the ultimate deal breaker between men. 

Disrespecting Women 

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Many men hate how other guys treat and talk about women, and it can be difficult for them to hear other men talking in demeaning and degrading ways about females. And this can sometimes lead to frustration and conflict. 

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