18 Uncompromising Boundaries for Men in Relationships

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Many think that men have very few standards when it comes to pretty women, but that isn’t the case. There comes a point where there are things that you can live with and others that are total deal breakers. What is a deal breaker? A deal breaker is one of those things that no matter how much you like someone, how compatible you are, and how much you think you love them; you know that ultimately it won’t work. For classic men, the deal breakers are real and set in stone. If you are a woman considering finding the classic man of your dreams, you should consider putting these deal-breaking habits to rest if you want to hold onto them.


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Smoking used to be something that made you feel sophisticated. Those days are behind. Nine out of ten people reported that they would not date someone who smokes. Most classic men will deal with your vaping habit if you do it with decorum. Smoking, however, is something that goes along with tattoos and hanging out as a band groupie. Nothing is attractive about bad breath and stained teeth. If you want to keep him, kick the habit!

Not Taking Care of Your Looks

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When you are trying to attract a man, you should enlist your “A” game of self-care. After you land him, however, that doesn’t mean that it is okay to let those things you used to do fall by the wayside. Going to the gym, putting on makeup, showering, and not thinking that sweatpants are a stellar date night outfit, are a must. A classic man worries about his appearance and expects you to respect yourself to care about yours too. 

Being a Hot Mess

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Disorganization is not the same as dirty. No classic man wants to come home to your leftover pizza plate from the night before, your makeup staining the bathroom sink, or your eyelashes taken from the night before stuck to the nightstand. It isn’t your duty to pick up after the classic man, but you must care for your mess. Nothing is a bigger deal breaker than a person who is so insensitive that they don’t care how their lack of cleanliness disturbs others. 


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Men are attracted to caregivers and nurturers. That doesn’t mean that you have to be at his beck and call. It does, however, mean that not acknowledging his basic needs of care is something he is willing to look past. A good man will want to make sure your needs are met, but in saying that, he also expects that you try to meet his. If you act as if there is only one person in the relationship, you are likely to find that there will be; just you.


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Classic men love to treat their ladies as queens, but there comes a point where you should contribute or not take advantage of it. When you overspend needlessly or make it very apparent that you are in it for what you are getting out of it, that might be a deal breaker. A man wants to feel like you love and care for him, not what he can buy for you. If you are happier to hit the mall and spend his money than to spend time with him, it won’t last long, no matter how pretty you are. 


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According to research, relationships thrive with mutual respect. A deal breaker for a man is a woman who puts him down, nags him or makes it very apparent that no matter what he does, it's never good enough. It is okay to voice your opinion when you aren’t completely happy in a relationship, but if it is a daily “take down,” it will take down your relationship.


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Although science tells us that men tend to be more permissive of cheating, relationships are built on trust, period. Not every man’s deal breaker is going to be cheating, but it should be. Unless it is something that he condones or fosters, most men want to know you are a one-man gal, and that is the very least you can provide him. 


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Being over-served happens to most of us, but if it happens all the time, then he will tire of cleaning up your mess. A classic man has worked hard to get where he is and wants someone who has themselves together. As much as you should respect him, you also need to respect yourself and not embarrass yourself or him. Losing control and leaving a bad impression or ruining his night with friends, family, and work members will break the deal every time.


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There is a difference between being upset and pointing out an issue for having a discussion and belittling. Calling names, embarrassing a man in a group, or just putting him down will eventually take its toll. Although it might not seem like a dealbreaker right out the gate, it will eventually break your relationship. 

Low Self Esteem

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Low self-esteem comes from within. So, no matter how pretty you might be on the inside if you don’t feel good about yourself, it will eventually begin to creep out. Men are okay with providing compliments and making you feel good, but if your self-esteem issues are causing you to put your feelings on him, that can break him. Accusing him of looking at other women or being jealous all the time isn't healthy or fun. You can’t love someone else until you love yourself, and that goes both ways. In reverse, it is also important to foster his self-esteem. Being demeaning or not showing respect is a deal breaker for many men in relationships.

Addiction to Your Looks

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A little nip and tuck is something that nearly all women will look into to look their best. But there is a point where you can go overboard. Plastic surgery is supposed to enhance your natural appearance, not make you look like someone he doesn’t recognize. It is important to grow old gracefully and recognize that he fell in love with you, not an altered and completely different version of you.

Lack of Manners or Being Uncouth

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Not everyone knows which fork to use for salad and entree, but then again, if you are with a classic man, it isn’t that hard to catch up. A classic man will overlook certain things that the woman he loves might not culturally know. If, however, you aren’t willing to hop on board and at least try, then that tells him that you aren’t willing to live in his world. Being with someone means respecting their entire support system. Learning to fit in is a part of showing how you care.


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It is okay if you don’t go to an Ivy League school or have a formal education. That is not something that will change the way that someone loves you. If, however, you are unwilling to hold a conversation with people who are important to him, then you will always live a world apart. You don’t have to have a formal education but turning on the television to at least catch up with current events or find interests to be interesting is a must if you want to continue to grow and move forward together. 


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Not everyone appreciates the acts of service language of love, but there comes a point where chipping in tells someone you care. If you are unwilling to do your share or help out, then it isn’t ever going to work. The happiest relationships are all about the theory of equity, meaning that both parties chip in.

Being Ungrateful

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Gratitude is a must in a relationship. A classic man might have the means to take good care of the woman he loves, but that doesn’t mean that he won't expect gratitude for it. Just because he can do it, however, mean that he has to. Recognition of his efforts is the best way to make sure that you aren’t doing something that is a deal breaker without even realizing it.

There are all sorts of things that a person will put up with in a relationship, while there are others that no matter how well things are going, just won’t last. A classic man is cultured and refined. They have no problem taking care of the significant others they choose. Although they are generous and have the means, they do require a standard that they won't go beyond. 

If you meet someone halfway, care about their feelings, and are willing to put the time and energy into a relationship, then it really can be a fairy tale. If you aren’t careful, however, that fairytale can quickly turn into a nightmare, and once that deal is broken, there is no going back.

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