18 Reasons Why Americans Are Leaving Christianity Behind

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Research indicates that Americans have been moving away from Christianity over the last few years. 

The reasons for this shift in religiosity are not straightforward, and are the result of a complex mix of political, social, and cultural factors. 

Let’s take a look at 18 reasons why Americans are moving away from Christianity: 

Equality and Diversity 

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If 2024 can be known for anything, it’s for a rapid increase in positive attitudes towards equality, diversity, and inclusion. The current generation goes out of its way like no other to ensure that people of all abilities, genders, sexes, ages, races, and classes, feel respected, and equal. 

This is a great thing, but it is at odds with some Christian teachings around sexuality, gender, etc, and this has pushed some Americans away from the church. 


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America has been becoming a more secularized society for some years now and according to research, in 2023, 28% of all Americans identified as being “religiously unaffiliated”. 

This has been a gradual process that has seen fewer, and fewer Americans prescribing to religious doctrine, instead opting to live focused on their own needs, wants, and goals, instead of following the teachings of the church. 

Institutional Abuse

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The Christian church has been exposed for, not only the abuse of some of its congregation members, but also for attempts to conceal, and cover up such abuse. 

For some who may have previously supported the church, the numerous scandals, and corruption have proved too much and caused many to move away from their Christian faith. 

Financial Independence of Women 

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Women are more financially independent than ever before, and this has led to greater freedom of choice. In the past, women who were financially dependent on a partner had limited choices and may have seen marriage, and remaining within a church community as their only option. 

However, now women can support themselves, and they no longer feel pressured to adhere to church teachings about marriage, and commitment, leading women to leave their Christian faith behind, for fear of being judged by others within the church community. 


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Christianity teaches about putting the needs of others before our own, however, in 2024, we’re living in a more individualistic society. 

People are less concerned with sacrificing their own needs for others, in fact, it often seems quite the opposite, with American culture feeling more competitive than ever. 

Religious and Political Extremism

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Religion has become entangled in American politics, with many parties using religious arguments in an attempt to win votes. This has led to the development of some extreme scenes of political, and religious activism, which has put many Americans off Christianity as a whole. 

Exploration of Other Faiths

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In the past, Christians were taught that it was sinful to explore other faiths, and/or Gods, however, in this new age of modernity, Americans who may have been brought up within a strict Christian household, now feel free to explore other faiths like Buddhism, or Islam, and choose what feels right for them. 

Scientific Advancement

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With Elon Musk trying to build on Mars, more planets being discovered almost daily, and even Jeff Bezos flying into space, science is rapidly advancing. 

All of these amazing scientific achievements, and discoveries have broadened the minds of many Americans, who now don’t just consider the Bible to be the only source of truth for life. 

Authentic Freedom

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One thing that Americans have always valued is freedom, and to feel authentically free, many have chosen to leave the restrictive life of Christianity behind. Americans no longer want to feel pressured to conform to monastic teachings that limit or judge their freedom of expression, their choices to marry, or to not have children, etc. 

Lack of Community

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American society used to be centered around cohesive communities, which usually had Christianity at the heart of it. However, with the rise of equality between the sexes, secularization, individualism, and more liberal attitudes toward sexual orientation, the American community structure has mostly disintegrated.  

Nuclear Families

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Nuclear families have seen parents moving away from grandparents, and extended family to take advantage of job opportunities, sometimes to the other side of the country or even the world. 

Without the presence, and influence of traditional elders, many family units have become less involved in the Church, and have found that they prefer living a more secular lifestyle, without church involvement. 

The Rise of DINK’s

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The rising cultural trend for DINKs in American society has also resulted in more Americans leaving Christianity behind. What is a DINK, I hear you ask. DINK stands for Dual Income with No Kids, and this describes a specific lifestyle choice that is on the rise among young Millennials, and Generation Z. 

As you can imagine, this lifestyle choice is not always in agreement with the teaching of the church, and therefore, many DINKs find that it’s easier to leave Christianity, and the judgment of believers behind.  

Changes in Attitudes

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While previous generations may have experienced shaming, judgment, and even condemnation for the decision to not marry, or have children outside of marriage, attitudes have changed, and people feel less compelled to force their views onto others. 

These changing attitudes have also made it “OK” to not be a member of a church, and Americans feel more comfortable than ever before to admit if they are atheists, agnostic, or not Christian. 

Freedom of Speech

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Another value that Americans hold dear is their freedom of speech. While the culture within Christian communities can sometimes feel restrictive, and judgemental, for many Americans it no longer aligns with their beliefs, as many are more likely to prioritize freedom of speech over their Christian faith. 

Disagreement With Church Teachings

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Religious scripture has caused many Americans to disagree with some of the church's teachings. Sensitive issues around topics like abortion, and sexual orientation have come into conflict with the views of the many American people, which has resulted in them turning their backs on Christianity. 

Rebellion Against Authority

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As American society has become less traditional, more progressive, and less religious, American citizens have become more rebellious against figures of authority. Whether these figures are politicians, police officers, or church leaders, and Christianity is another source of authority that has seen Americans rebel against it. 

Changing Societal Expectations

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A lot has changed in America in the last two decades, including societal expectations. Young men and women no longer feel pressured to get married or have a mortgage and kids before 30. Society is less judgmental of couples who cohabit, of single mothers, and also of same-sex couples. 

These are all life choices or circumstances that were once frowned upon by the Christian church, however, changing societal expectations have led to these things not seeming as important as church teachings once claimed them to be. 

Cultural Diversity

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America is a melting pot of races, cultures, languages, and religious denominations. All this diversity has served to dilute the once-concentrated power and control that Christianity held over people's lives.  

This rich cultural diversity has inspired Americans to break away from the draconian lifestyle of Christianity and live life more on their own terms, as they see that there are many different ways to live, and worship God. 

Rising Divorce Rates

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As secularization has been rising in America, so have divorce rates. With more women experiencing the emancipation of financial freedom, many have opted to shake off the shackles of married life, with 70% of divorces in America being initiated by women. 

With the number of divorcees rising, this has led to a rise in the number of people who feel a sense of judgment, or shame from Christian communities, and who therefore opt to leave.  

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