Gen Z’s Disdain for Conventional Work Raises Concerns for the Future

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Gen Zs might not need to graft for a living like the rest of us, but it’s nothing to feel embittered about. We’re continually learning from them as they shape a healthier, more positive way of living and working. Unlike the generations before them, they’ve proven to be entrepreneurial in their life choices and committed to their morals. Their skill set is tailor-made for a future of experts. Let’s take a look at how the working future might look for Gen Zs.

Flexibility Experts

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Unlike their predecessors, Gen Zs have mastered the art of adapting to any situation. They’re invested in a flexible lifestyle that gives them a healthy work-and-play balance. They don’t want to work in an office for eight hours a day. The world is their oyster.

Digital Nomads

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Why be tied to a desk when you can work from anywhere? Their ability to thrive in a remote environment makes Gen Zs keen to work on their terms in an environment of their choosing. As long as they’ve got access to technology, that’s all that matters.  

Life Hackers

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Gen Zs are constantly finding creative ways to make life easier. Whether it's filming TikTok videos or discovering productivity tricks that make life that much easier, they're the ultimate life hackers. They create content, and we watch it. Genius.

Side Hustlers

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Gen Zs are full of creativity, and they’re not content with just one source of income. Their side hustles range from selling handmade crafts to monetizing social media accounts, and that can be suitable to earn them a decent living.

Adaptive Learners

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With constant changes in technology, Gen Zs are ahead of the game, largely because they’ve been using smart products since they learned to walk. They’re quick at learning new skills and adapting to changing circumstances. The rest of us can’t keep up with their rapid-thinking brains.

DIY Experts

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Why pay someone else when they can DIY like a pro? From home repairs to fashion alterations, Gen Zs seem to be frontrunners in refurbishing tired furniture and making their clothes. We’re no longer turning to the older generation for repairs. We’re asking the Gen Zs to help out.

Remote Workers

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Gen Zs have paved the way for remote work opportunities for future generations. Gone are the days when we were slaves to a desk. We’re now able to work remotely for a healthier working life. Likely, this will long continue with workspaces a thing of the past. That’s entrepreneurial.

Self-Care Advocates

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Mental health matters, and Gen Zs have confidently brought self-care to the forefront of our lives. While we once turned to well-established gurus to guide our mental health, we’re now led by yoga-loving, meditation-embracing Gen Zs. They’ve even taught us that a Netflix binge is good for us, and they deserve to be paid for that alone.

Social Media Experts

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Gen Zs know exactly how to use social media to their advantage. Unlike the remainder of the Western world, they’re not just scrolling mindlessly. They’re building personal brands, cultivating online communities, and becoming well-paid influencers. These social media skills are marketable.

Entrepreneurial Spirits

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The rise in YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram influencers has shown us that Gen Zs aren’t prepared to fall in line with existing social norms. They’re not waiting for opportunities. They’re creating them. Their entrepreneurial mindset is shaping the future of business.

Environmental Advocates

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Gen Zs are more passionate about the environment than any other generation before them. They’re coming forward and starting movements. They’re protesting for change on a Saturday night when the rest of us are watching movies. Their commitment to sustainability deserves recognition, and many jobs will likely arise from the changes they’re leading.

Tech Wizards

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The tech prowess of Gen Zs puts us all to shame. They could easily find work simply teaching the rest of us how to navigate social media. With any new tech changes, they’re the first to embrace them and harness their power. These tech-savvy skills will be in high demand.

Community Builders

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Whether it's organizing events or leading online forums, Gen Zs are proving that changes can be made, and they’re building communities both online and offline. If they’re not fighting for gender equality in the workplace, they’re on a sustainability plight.


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Gen Zs don’t want to work for corporate organizations. They want to build businesses, inspiring and leading others. They’re the best kind of rebels, the ones that choose agency overpaying into the system. Get ready; the rest of us might be working for members of this generation in the future, and they’ll likely be treating us fairly and equally.  

Influential Voices

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Gen Zs are not afraid to speak up and fight for change. Their passion and voices combined have the power to make a difference. We expect to see Gen Zs in positions of power in the future, hopefully making the world a better place.

Financial Wizards

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Gen Zs value their finances and opt for sensible spending over splurging their money on luxury items. The fact that they’re able to manage their money digitally makes life a lot easier, but they’re still being more selective with their spending than generations before them.

Health Advocates

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A lot of Gen Zs opt for a meatless diet and choose healthy plant-based foods as an alternative. They’re nonsmokers and have less interest in alcohol than the older generations, so we can expect to see a future of influential health gurus.

Future Leaders

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More importantly than anything else, Gen Zs have proven that they’re leaders for today and the future. They’re not afraid to speak up and demand change, and they’ll sacrifice well-paid jobs to make these changes. Their future potential is limitless, and the rest of us would be foolish to stand in their way.

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