18 Hobbies That Instantly Repel Men 

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Dating in 2024 is a challenge, to say the least, and with everyone on dating apps, people can get super fussy about small details like what hobbies a person is into. Men have become pickier than ever, and some have been accused of becoming “swipe happy,” meaning they’re so accustomed to swiping onto the next person on apps like Tinder that it doesn’t take much these days to put a man off potentially dating you. However, there are a few hobbies that appear to repel men instantly. Here’s a list of them.

Social Media Influencer

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If you’re a female social media influencer used to getting lots of likes on your bikini pictures, this might cause you to lose some likes in the dating world. Men can feel protective about the world looking at their potential mate, and if a man sees that you have 1,000 guys following you, he might be less likely to join them, as this can instantly put a man off. 


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Ok, so while knitting has been experiencing somewhat of a revival, it’s still not considered a “dateable hobby.” What do we mean by this? Well, putting knitting on your dating profile on Tinder isn’t exactly going to spark any flames with men, as they view this as an outdated hobby mainly reserved for grannies.  


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This one is such a cliché, but that’s part of the problem because there is an old-fashioned stigma associated with women who are single and own cats; some men buy into this and feel instantly put off, especially if your profile picture is just you and ten cats. 

Shopping Addiction

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How often do you see lonely men waiting outside shops at the mall while their partner tries on “another dress”? It’s no secret that most men don’t love shopping, not as much as women do anyway. Some men find dating a woman whose main hobby is shopping a turn-off, number one, because they can foresee all of the hours they will be waiting around in shops, and number two, they can also foresee all of the excessive spending that a shopping addiction requires. 


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For some people, gambling is a hobby, but for most, it’s an expensive one. Furthermore, we hear so much about how easily gambling can become an addiction, and not just for men. These days, there are multiple gambling games like bingo and roulette, which are also aimed at women. For men, hearing that a woman’s hobby is gambling can be a red flag and a major turn-off. 


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If you are at the stage where you are looking for something a bit more serious, finding out that a potential partner is still into partying heavily at the weekends can be a huge turn-off. Just as women don’t like to date a guy who is always partying, men don’t want to date a woman who does this either, as it can provoke questions about commitment and promiscuity and instantly repel a man. 


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While you might think it sounds cool to boast about all the amazing countries you’ve traveled to, sometimes this can put men off as it can give the impression that you aren’t ready to settle down. So, while you might enjoy wanderlust as your hobby, this can instantly repel some men, especially if they are looking for a serious long-term partner to get married to and have kids with. 


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Smoking is so 2008, and if you’re a smoker, you might just be 2000 and late, as this hobby, habit, or whatever you want to call it doesn't exactly convey healthy, sexy, kissable vibes. Many guys these days are into fitness and prioritize looking after their health; this means they are more likely to search for a mate with similar values, and smoking is not in alignment with healthy living. Plus, who wants a smoky, ashtray kiss? Ewww.

Excessive Gaming 

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Lots of guys love gaming, and in moderation, this can be a hobby that you and your man both enjoy together; however, it can be addictive, and before you know it, you can lose an entire weekend to online gaming. A girl who wants to spend all her time gaming can put a guy off, number one, because he will most likely want to be able to take you out and interact with the world, but number two, because you might also kick his ass at Fortnight. True story. 


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While we all know that women are more than capable of changing light bulbs and putting up a desk from IKEA, if you have a serious DIY hobby that means you can build a house by yourself, this can intimidate men, especially if he feels that you are better at DIY than he is. Some men can feel insecure about their own DIY abilities, especially beside a skilled handywoman, and for this reason, it can put a man off. 

Body Building 

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A toned body is attractive to everyone, but if a woman starts flexing more muscles in the gym than the average guy, this can instantly put some men off. Dating a girl with bigger muscles than you would intimidate any man, and if she can lift heavier weights in the gym than he can, she could trigger a man’s insecurities, so this is usually an instant deal breaker for most guys. 

Extreme Collecting 

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While it’s perfectly normal to collect a few items here and there, if you have a bedroom full of China dolls, apart from being creepy, this can be an instant turn-off for men on many levels.


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For some girls, gossiping isn’t just a hobby; it’s their full-time job, which can be super unattractive to a man. Let’s face it, hearing someone constantly talking negatively about others and putting people down ends up making the person themselves look bad, and it doesn't make a good first impression. 

Being a Pretentious Foodie 

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We’ve all heard the saying that the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and men do tend to value and appreciate a woman with good cooking skills. However, some people take “being a foodie” to the extreme, and if all you want to do is cook and eat out at Michelin-star restaurants while critiquing the freshness of the caviar, not only can this come across as snobby and pretentious, it can also be a very expensive hobby. 

Gym Bunny

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Health and fitness is so on trend in 2024, and you only have to open TikTok or Instagram to see someone showing off their latest workout routine. But the key to life is balance, and like anything, exercising can become an obsession, with some females associating it with positive attention and likes on social media. If a man feels that a woman has a fitness obsession, this can put him off as it usually means that she lives a regimented life with a strict diet, and all work and no play is no fun for anyone. 

Regular Drinking 

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Who doesn’t love a few cocktails with the girls? Social drinking in moderation can be a good way to get out and mix with others, which can be good for our mental health and wellbeing; however, if a few cocktails turn into regular drinking every night of the week, this can be a big turn-off for guys. 


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While it might be considered an unusual hobby for a woman, there are females out there who enjoy fishing. At first, this might seem attractive to a man, but being around a woman who likes catching and gutting fish as her hobby can be quite off-putting. And we haven’t even mentioned the smell. 


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I’m not sure if we even need to explain this one as, frankly, who likes taxidermy as a hobby? But, believe it or not, some people do, and we can fully understand why stuffing dead animals would instantly repel men. We are also repelled by this hobby. Thank you, bye. 

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