18 Behaviors Branded as Low-Class by Society

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Some have and some have not, but being low class isn’t so much about what you have as much as about what you don’t, namely class. These are dead-giveaway habits that give away the fact that your upbringing might not have been posh, upscale, or pampered. 

Riding the bus

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People who have the means don’t ride the bus, or at least that is what the upper crust might believe. The problem with thinking that is you might discount the fact that riding public transportation is greener. So, riding the bus with the rest of the commoners might not make you lower class. It might make you a better person, just saying.

Eating fast food

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People who are born with privilege like the finer things, which usually means four-course meals and catered affairs. Not many people who live with the finer things in life stop at McDonald's for a happy meal. But the kicker of it all is that those who eat fast food might not be the upper class, but that doesn’t mean that their Happy Meal doesn’t make them happy. Food doesn’t define your class. Your class does.

Living at Home With Your Family

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Some people look down on those who share homes with multigenerations of family. Those who get to cohabitate with members of their extended loved ones get to share memories. They also can share stories with those who mean the most. So, who is looking down at who? Having a home where there is enough room that no family members ever cross paths or enjoy time with one another says nothing about class, but it does about loneliness and missing out. 

Thrift Shopping

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Those who look down on thrift shopping have never done it. There is nothing better than treasure hunting at your local hand-me-down store. Finding someone’s trash that is instantly your treasure. Being green also comes with being green with envy. Many who throw stuff to thrift stores have no idea what they have forfeited, and that is classless.


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Cussing or using swear words is seen as lower class. When you use words to incite or offend people, then you don’t care about how you affect or offend others. There is something to be said about being crass. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with your class. It does have everything to do with how crass you are.

Do it Yourself Projects

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Although some look down on do-it-yourself projects, they are to be commended. Just because you have money to pay for things and for people to do things, that doesn’t make you a better person. Those who pick up a power tool, shovel, or roll their sleeves up show the best parts of themselves and should be commended, not condemned.

Being Flashy Cash

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Novo riche is something that many people can relate to. When people are born into or born with money, the finer things aren’t an outlier or coveted. They are a way of life. When you see someone with flashy cash, or flashing their cash, all over the place, that likely means they don't have as much as they want people to believe, or they wouldn’t think twice about it.

Poor Grammar

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Grammar is something that gets handed down from generations of wealth or from having a good education, which also comes from having money. Only those who live in wealthy parts of the world or people who go to private schools know what proper grammar and manners are. Without them, people can be judged as low class.

Being Loud and Ostentatious

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People who grow up with money understand the notion of understated. When someone is loud and garish, while others are trying to enjoy their time intimately with friends and guests, come across as low class. Classy people understand that there is a time and place for loud voices, and If there is someone who is the only one creating a scene, they definitely don’t know when that time or place is.

Taking Advantage of Free Things

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Who doesn’t want free things? Apparently, people who can afford them. When there is an announcement that there is a free giveaway, those who run fastest and take first place are considered low class. For some reason, taking advantage of things given away is seen in a bad light when it really has nothing to do with what class you come from.

Wearing White After Labor Day

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People who come from the upper class remember rules, etiquette, and dates like Memorial Day and Labor Day. Who cares about what colors you wear when? People who have the luxury and means to make it an issue. For the rest of you commoners, wear white when you want, period. Who cares who is judging? 

Using Coupons

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Even if you have money, why would you want to spend more? Coupons somehow signal to the upper class that you are less than because you take advantage of a deal. If anything, people who look for coupons should receive an accolade for saving money and not squandering it to big corporations. 

Rolling Up Your Sleeves

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People who are well-to-do don’t. They don’t do the dishes, laundry, yard work, or their home maintenance projects. When someone straps on their tool belt or rolls up their sleeves to change the oil on their car, sometimes that can be looked down on. Being wealthy or upper class has nothing to do with work ethic. Although misconstrued, there is nothing low-class about doing for yourself. Just because you can spend money doesn’t mean that you should. Do-it-yourself projects also allow you to learn new things and what upper-class person shouldn’t be well-rounded.

Home Schooling

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In previous generations, farmers who worked in the fields or laborers who lived far removed from a town often kept their children home necessarily and homeschooled. What used to be frowned upon as low class, however, is now becoming bougie. Parents with money are choosing to keep their children home so that they can better control their education, avoid the rif-raf, and be raised in a proper setting. It isn’t a lower-class thing to monitor your children’s influences. It means you care.

Generation Phones or Prepaid

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Upper-class people have the latest technology and are always “trading up” simply because they can. Mobile phones continue to advance and provide cutting-edge technology. Those who aren’t keeping up with the times are considered low-class. Some of them, however, are just not tech people. They can afford tech gadgets, but they choose to stick to what they know.

Declined Credit

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When someone in front of you at the grocery store has their credit card denied, you immediately assume that the reason is they can’t afford their lifestyle, whatever that looks like. When you judge people so quickly, however, that is on you. There are all sorts of reasons people's credit cards get declined, and being broke is just one of them. Before you make a snap judgment, snap into reality; things aren’t always what they seem.


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Hand-me-downs used to be reserved for those who couldn’t afford things new. Usually, it was large families who had too many children to be able to afford the niceties of new clothes. Now, however, hand-me-downs are welcomed and trendy. For those who are still thumbing their nose at them, consider that the retail industry is making a huge dent in the environment, and everyone must try to be green when we can. Wealth shouldn’t equal environmental insults.


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Gossip is something that nearly everyone does. It is natural for people to spread news to one another, but when it becomes nasty or a way to spread rumors, then it is classless and uncouth. It used to be that being upper class meant that you provided one another with a sense of decency and respect. Whether social media has desensitized the world or we have all just lost a little bit of class, gossip is the norm for all classes these days.


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Upper-class people had an upbringing where they felt as if it was their obligation to be an example to others, and that included not littering and making the world ugly. When people litter, it shows disrespect for those around them and is usually associated with low class. Give a hoot, don’t pollute is still alive and well.

Not Picking up After Your Dog

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Not picking up after your dog is very low-class. Nothing is worse than stepping in some dog’s waste, and it can ruin your entire day. Being upper class means that you hold yourself in higher esteem and care about appearances and the way that you treat others. When a dog has an accident, those who accidentally overlook it really are lacking in couth.

Treating Service Industry Workers With Disrespect 

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The upper class of society has always been taught to respect everyone, no matter what walk of life they come from. When someone treats a service worker with little to no respect, it shows their level of class, which is zero. Being of high standing means that you carry yourself as such, and if someone can’t afford basic decency, then that speaks volumes about their class level.

Things change from one generation to the next, and so do the things that affluence affords. At the heart of the upper class is a standard of decency and respect. Those who look their nose down at others for what they do or do not have do not display class; that is classless. In the same respect, someone with class engages in particular habits and behaviors that show what they’re truly made of, regardless of the size of their wallet or their upbringing. 

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